Besides wowing viewers with four times the resolution of high definition video quality, 4K TVs could be saving lemurs from extinction.

Lemurs are mystical animals that have captivated humans since classical times. The name lemur is derived from the Latin word lemures, which means ‘spirits of the dead.’ And, unfortunately, lemurs are in the process of dying out – they’re the most endangered mammals on the planet. In their native habitat, the biodiverse island of Madagascar, environmentally unfriendly agriculture techniques and illegal tree harvesting have decimated their populations.

Thankfully, the Port Lympne Reserve wildlife park in Kent, United Kingdom, is doing everything it can to repopulate lemurs with help from ‘crystal clear’ images from Sony BRAVIA 4K TVs. ‘While our large enclosures are designed to resemble the animals’ natural habitat as closely as possible, we decided to give our langurs and lemurs an actual peek of areas in the wild that could, potentially, become their new homes,’ according to Simon Jeffery, the animal manager at the reserve.

The Sony 4K TVs are excellent, but there’s a limited amount of 4K content available to view on the TVs.


Imagine Helping More Animals with illumin8

Wouldn’t it be great if Port Lympne and other organizations like them were able to produce similar experiences with a greater amount of 4K content?

At MindAptiv, we’re on the brink of delivering an innovative solution that will overcome the challenges that limit the production, storage and access of 4K content. These obstacles translate into higher costs that limit the effectiveness of charitable organizations, and that’s something we’d like to change.

As an innovative software company dedicated to helping leave the world better than we found it, we look forward to empowering ecologically minded organizations with our technology. Stay tuned to learn more about how our technology aligns with our philanthropic vision.