Godfather Compression Test – illumin8 Technical Demonstration



This is a demonstration of how you can convert pixels to objects instantly with illumin8 and how you can view low quality videos at the highest resolution of your display.

We will not be up scaling which increases the size of an image, but does not deal with pixelation. We are taking a new approach to up sampling that does not blur or distort the image.

We will also look at other methods of up sampling and show you why illumin8 is the best choice for your content viewing experiences. The size of the screen being used for this demo is 2560×1440 pixels.


On the left is the raw unconverted footage. The right displays the real time conversion being powered by illumin8. This movie clip is 160×90 pixels. The native resolution is represented by this blue box. Without any up sampling effects applied to the left image, we can clearly see very large pixels.

This is an example of one of the many filters illumin8 uses to convert pixels to objects. Even with the pixels being so large in this example, illumin8 is still able to separate the background, main subject and foreground.

Now let’s take a look at some of the other filters currently on the market that deal with up sampling. As you can see, most of these filters blur the image beyond the point of recognition, especially at this resolution. But, as demonstrated on the right, even at an extremely low resolution, illumin8 is able to retain the defined edges of objects.


Here is an example of a 256×144 pixel video. Its native size is represented by this blue box. This is 1/100th the area of the display being used for this demo.

With more pixel definition, illumin8 is able to more accurately detect objects, but just like the previous example, it is still able to maintain separation between background, main subjects, and foreground.

Even with over twice the amount of pixels, current up sampling filters still fail at displaying distinguished objects. These filters still blur the image beyond recognition. Even if shapes were starting to be recognizable, it would not be an enjoyable experience to watch this blurred footage.


You can see that illumin8 is even more accurate at displaying objects, even though the video is now 1/64th the area of the display or 320×180 pixels.

Object detection is still running strong, and now illumin8 is starting to pick out individual details within the background, middle ground and foreground.

Even with three times the pixel definition of the first example, current filters still blur the video, sometimes still beyond recognition as demonstrated with the Lanzcos filter.


Now let us look at a 640×360 pixel clip. It has 4 times the area of the previous clip. While it looks significantly better than the previous examples, pixels are still noticeable in the raw footage. We see illumin8 smoothing out facial features without loosing definition in the outlines or silhouette

Activating the edge detection filter at this resolution, we are able to see how illumin8 is always tweaking itself for optimum performance. The thinner outlines in the background is noise picked up from the original film. illumin8 detects this but does not render the noise as separate objects.

While the current filters are doing much better with up sampling, upon closer observation, blurring is still obvious.


Our final example shows illumin8 converting the footage from the native DVD resolution of 720×404 pixels. The pixels are less noticeable, but it is still 1/12 the area of this display.

Current filters are still only blurring the edges to mask the presence of pixels. Since illumin8 does not render pixels, the image will always be sharp no matter how far you zoom in or how large your display is.

illumin8 enhances the experience of a 720 video even on an Ultra HD 4K display. A video 28 times smaller than the display is being rendered, clearly, at 4K with no blurring. illumin8 is nothing like what has ever been available before now. You are not seeing pixels or vectors, you are seeing objects just like our eyes do in the real world.

Even if you do not own a 4K TV, illumin8 will still enhance the experiences of your 1080 HD TV. Imagine streaming smaller files over the Internet, but experiencing the highest quality video.

illumin8 – Go Beyond the Pixels!

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