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mindaptiv, LLC announced today it has been named to the Dell Founders 50 Fall class, an exclusive list of companies that Dell has identified as high growth start-ups poised to become major disruptors in their specific industries. The Founders 50 is a two-year program designed to accelerate the growth of member companies, with focus areas including technology, sales enablement, networking and capital.

Members of the Dell Founders 50 receive personalized support from Dell team members including access to the latest technology solutions and expertise in the technology field.

mindaptiv will utilize the resources provided by Dell to apply its solutions to a wider range of technology markets beyond the inaugural launch of its revolutionary photo and video enhancement technology, illumin8™, which is scheduled for release late 2014. mindaptiv develops revolutionary adaptive software products that will transform the world. We turn every device into Semantic Intelligence (SI) machines. Our technology takes patterns and turns them into objects with attributes and behaviors within the context of time and space. For example, our technology takes inputs including: pictures, video, text, spoken language, sensor data and converts them into a universal semantic language. We then translate those semantic language definitions back into images, videos and language.

The Dell Founders 50 focuses on companies that have been recently funded by a venture capital or angel firm; mindaptiv, LLC secured angel funding in the summer of 2014.

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About mindaptiv

mindaptiv, launched in 2011, is the developer of illumin8TM, which resides on the Essence platform illumin8™ continuously converts pixels to objects and instantly enhances them to the highest quality of the device. This saves storage, bandwidth, battery power, upload and download times, while providing unmatched quality without pixelation. Essence is a breakthrough software platform that generates 100% parallel instructions for 1000x speed up and more.