Pixelation is the little squares that make up, you know, you put them all together, it makes up a picture or frame of video, and so they’re always there, and the higher resolution you have the more pixelation [you have] – or, rather, the more PIXELS there are. There’s a difference between, I think, pixels and pixelation. Wow! That’s a big topic actually.

We’re always on this quest to have more pixels. Which really means higher resolution. But what if you could have that higher resolution – which translates to higher quality. So what if we could have higher quality, higher resolution, without any pixelation?

2015 represents the end of pixelation!

You know pixels, pixelation and resolution are all connected to quality right now. That’s about to end.

Ding dong, the pixel’s dead!

The first thing they [social media networks] do [to your pictures] is compress it, to save space. And that’s what happens when people upload their videos or photos to YouTube or Facebook. And what does that do when you compress a photo? It reduces the resolution [or quality]. So now when you look at it, you’re going to see pixelation.

Well, it’s no longer going to matter how many pixels are there for you to get the best quality out of your device. mindaptiv’s illumin8 software represents the end of pixelation everywhere, on all your devices.


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