One Image to Rule Them All

illumin8 big data solutionThere are are some issues/unmet demands that affect nearly everyone. When they happen, it is not unusual for them to persist for long periods of time.
It took decades from the start of the modern era of travel before the automobile and airplane changed the world forever. The period that preceded modern travel was a sort of dark age for travel. Most of mankind (the masses) only traveled short distances.

Following that thought, here is a problem that has been with us since the beginning of the digital age.

There hasn’t been an easy and efficient way to create and share a single image (photo or video) of suitable quality across a wide variety of applications. The underlying problem is size and quality are directly connected. The better the quality, the bigger the size. This makes consistently high quality content outside the reach of the masses.

The world is stuck in a perpetually increasing demand for telecommunication infrastructure that cannot be easily dealt with. The thing is, the growth of data is climbing faster than infrastructure can be built. It is playing out in the US in the form of the Net Neutrality debate. However, the problem is of global scale.

In the absence of technology solutions, some are looking to policy changes at the national level. Most people would agree that lawyers always win in these situations and consumers often lose. It is always wise to explore the technical possibilities before considering the legal route.

illumin8 Global Big Data Solution – Digital Teleportation

We think it is time for a solution that can be used by virtually everyone. The solution begins with answering a question. Wouldn’t it be great if quality and size were disconnected? We propose breaking content down to small bits and later reconstructing them at better quality than the original. Sounds a bit like teleportation, like in Star Trek, to you? Well, how about a solution for digital data that’s even better than teleportation?

The effect of digital teleportation would be transformational across a wide variety of industries. For one, it would save everyone the cost of creating, storing, and sending multiple versions of content. Instead of just sending content, the more efficient and useful thing to do will be to “illumin8 it!”

The Hidden Cost of Versioning

It is very common to have different versions of content for browsers, numerous mobile and console devices, screen resolutions, and the particular application. Have doubts about the demand for our solution? Here is a look at life, as it currently exists in several global industries.

Everyone’s Becoming a Power User

Precious Moments Should Look the Part – As humans, we care about many things in our world. Sharing what we care about drives trillions of dollars in transactions annually.

Social media is full of our interactions with each other and the world around us. Shouldn’t our precious moments always look the best quality?

Pixelation (blockiness within images or video) is a frequent occurrence, especially when sharing low quality versions of content (most of what exists in social media and Web sites). Very soon, we will eliminate pixelation like it’s a bad disease. We consider pixelation as the small pox or measles of the digital world. It should be eradicated. What a gift to mankind!

Life Can Depend on Fast Access to High Quality – Whether it’s assessing the effects of a natural disaster or examining medical images of a patient, high quality can save lives. There are many waysillumin8 precious moments to create high quality content. Many billions of dollars have been invested globally in creating visual content. However, a big problem that remains is rapidly and efficiently storing and delivering it to where it is needed most. The best solutions to content delivery challenges must be efficient and accessible to everyone.  Much of the world can’t afford expensive data plans, much the same way horses and buggies were out of the reach of most people. The problem wasn’t just the prohibitive cost of buying a horse, maintaining a horse was much more costly to do. And it didn’t allow the owner to travel anywhere near the long distances that automobiles and airplanes can in an acceptable timeframe.

The global population needs computing solutions that mirror/exceed what the automobile and airplane have done for travel. It might sound strange to hear, but many foundational aspects of computing (like image processing) have not moved very far forward in decades. Like the horse and buggy, there are some things that should be left to nostalgic reflections upon the past.

Video Gamers’ Paradise – Ask any video gamer if they want higher quality visuals, less or no lag, and interesting features delivered with regularity and the answer would boil down to a single word. Yes!

Unfortunately, video game developers go to great lengths optimizing visual elements of their products for each of the different platforms.

Every console, PC, and mobile platform has radically different hardware and software specifications. Imagine how much better it would be for everyone if game developers could spend less time tuning visuals and more time making their products interesting to gamers.

Movies that Grab Your Attention – Ask movie viewers what they want and the answer would be consistent with the response from video gamers. The thing is, no one wants to pay considerably more money for better experiences.

As more high quality/bigger size content becomes delivered through streaming of video across the Internet, the issues will rise exponentially. That is, unless video services apply solutions that are much more efficient.

To Marketers–Content is King – Much of the cost in marketing is producing, acquiring and distributing high quality content. Every business relies on marketing at some level. It is not unusual to require different versions (varying sizes and quality) of media graphics for the various browsers, mobile, desktops, and console platforms. Add multiple print scenarios into the mix and it’s easy to see how marketing costs can get out of control. No doubt a single file for all media purposes would dramatically reduce cost. This is an issue for businesses of all sizes.

What about Better Compression?

Some would argue that compression algorithms solve this problem. That may be true for size, but not for quality. The tradeoff with compression is the reduction in quality (effects like blur, distortion and blockiness) and energy cost from processing demands. Considerable research has been invested in improving compression algorithms. It is time to look in other directions for the improvements needed to meet the demands of exponentially growing amounts of content.

Quality to the Edge

The fact is, we can expect the ability of hardware to generate/display higher quality data to increase. HD will be challenged by Ultra HD and so on. For those who doubt this, they should consider a future where Augmented Reality (AR) devices like the Oculus Rift brings the viewing experience really close. AR experiences require more data to avoid causing viewers to feel nausea when motion effects are detected by the viewer’s eyes.

As time progresses, hardware manufacturers will succeed at producing better results (more content and options for displaying it). Shouldn’t software smartly manage content quality too?

Imagine if software simply adapted to the hardware and delivered the highest quality experience when and where it is most efficient. That would effectively disconnect quality from size and would change the world.

Life… illumin8 it!™

illumin8, from mindaptiv, allows a single photo/video/audio/text/visual effects/etc. source to be stored and sent as a much smaller file. On the receiving end, the viewer experiences higher quality than the original. There is no need to create a bigger file to get better quality. It all happens in memory. All that remains is the small source file/data stream, unless a higher quality file is needed for other purposes. For example, an enhanced version can be easily produced for inclusion in an presentation, video, PDF, web page or for print purposes.

This new era of digital teleportation is long overdue. The benefits will have global impact. Our vision is for illumin8 to become synonymous with sending anything digital. Why just send it when you can illumin8 it? There will be a free version of illumin8 because we want the world to experience the gift of high quality visuals.

To learn more, go to and register to be notified when illumin8 becomes available in the 4th quarter of 2014.

Get ready to:

Go Beyond the Pixels™