Is Net Neutrality really the problem that everyone seems to think it is?

The more I think about Net Neutrality (principle that ISPs and Governments treat all data on the Internet equally, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication), the more I find it necessary to write this post.

The fact is, the perception that Netflix, Amazon, Google or any other company should send 4K content (essentially 4 times the pixels of Blu-Ray and much more data) to anyone’s home is just wrong. Not because there are a ton of alternatives. The reality is, current technology solutions used to distribute video do not solve the big data problem that 4K or lower (720p HD or 1080p Full HD) quality video creates. Here is another way to look at the problem, which leads to a very timely solution.

illumin8 Net Neutrality Solution – Instead of sending 4K content, how about sending standard definition (480p) or lower quality content and turning it into 4K content in the home? That is what our team at mindaptiv (visit our website at will do with the product that we call illumin8.

illumin8 saves bandwidth, storage, download time, and it is basically future proof. In other words, it’ll turn video into 8K, 16K, and beyond when the hardware manufacturers are ready. Better still, it has features that are not available in video encoding solutions today. Features like; camera control, zero pixelation, simplified object detection and natural language dialogue will revolutionize the video experience.

Here is a before and after snapshot of pixelated graphics that illumin8 instantly upsampled.

net neutrality

If you’re not impressed by the version that results from illumin8 being applied, then zoom in. You won’t see pixels, ever! You will see some gradient misalignment, but that will be dealt with too by the upcoming product launch.

In the live version, a higher quality file was never created. It all happened instantly in memory, and it works on live or recorded video. This basically means new levels of storage, network, and processing efficiencies and visual quality are possible.

I just read an article in TechCrunch that describes the perceived problem well. According to the article, Netflix is about to raise prices for their customers who want to view 4K content (click here to read the article). However, the article perpetuates a widely held perception that there is little need to own a 4K TV. That perception will very quickly be proven to be incorrect.

Soon consumers will be able to instantly turn all of their content (videos, photos, video games, desktops, Internet browsing, mobile, camcorders, VHS tapes, etc.) into Full HD and Ultra HD (4K), while reducing the impact on network, storage, and other infrastructure (illumin8 will run on everything from servers down to Smartphones, tablets, or even a USB stick). The big winners are consumers and businesses. Cost to consumers should go down for experiencing the highest quality visuals. Businesses benefit because the threat to Net Neutrality will diminish and there now is an approach that will potentially end the threat caused by increasing amounts of Big Data.

So while the FCC, Congress, the video industry and millions of concerned citizens are concerned with the question of how to sustain Net Neutrality, we are providing an answer to a different question. What if we focus on something other than pixels? The answer is truly stunning.

Get ready to Go Beyond the Pixels!