As a Mother, Grandmother and Sister, I am always trying to find great photos (precious moments) to share with my family.  For me it is puzzling how a seemingly great photo of my granddaughter, sister, son, niece, nephew or great niece suddenly turns into a blurry pixelated mess. My sister just had one of those fabulous birthdays that ends in a ‘5’ – you know the older you get the more significant those 5’s and 0’s become… anyway I wanted to put together some photos of her kids and grandkids. I found this ‘awesome’ photo… Her granddaughter at a party and she looked adorable and her smile was captivating…. What me biased? So – the point is that I just wanted to crop her out of the group and then print it, frame it as send it to my sister wrapped with a big red bow!  Imagine my surprise when it looked so awful – I had no idea – after all – it looked great on Facebook! What could I do that is fast, cheap and easy??  Nothing!!!… until now that is. Have you heard about illumin8?  I was blown away! In an instant I had a perfect unpixelated photo! So let me tell you why I LOVE this app… The illumin8 app sends smaller files while still providing the highest quality user experience any of my devices can handle… my smart phone, my iPad, my 4K TV!!

  • That means you can store more images!
  • That means you can save on your data plan
  • illumin8 turns pixels into objects, which means it’s much like the way your eyes work, right?
  • That means all your precious moments remain precious moments!

When I get my new MacBook  (hint hint!) I will definitely download the illumin8 app because I have seen how great it works on a Mac. There is a FREE version too! So everyone can have it … With illumin8 I can be truly creative! Don’t let your precious moments go to waste…

illumin8 – Go Beyond the Pixels!

Recap on illumin8 functionality:

  • illumin8 allows users to enlarge without pixelation.
  • illumin8 allows users to zoom in and crop without pixelation.
  • illumin8 allows users to enhance photos/videos fast.
For for information on illumin8, please visit the illumin8 blog.  If you have any questions are comments, please fill out the feedback form below to continue the conversation.