Super Bowl

Super Bowl 50 will be the most high-tech sporting event in history. The interesting thing? The network infrastructure still isn’t available to broadcast the event in 4K (four times the quality of Blu-ray HD).

Among many other technical marvels, CBS plans to introduce EyeVision 360, a collection of 36 cameras to deliver 360-degree views of plays. In addition, outside the stadium sponsor SAP will offer the Quarterback Challenge, a virtual reality (VR) demonstration that let’s you see what it’s like to be a quarterback.

That’s not all. ‘Almost everybody at the Super Bowl will be using some sort of mobile device,’ explained Al Guido, the chief operating officer for the San Francisco 49ers, in a recent article on ‘They’re going to be looking at game statistics, their social networks, sharing photos and other content. We have the high-tech infrastructure to handle it.’

Just what kind of infrastructure are we talking about? Guido says that there will be 400 miles of fiber and copper cable for data and 1,200 Wi-Fi access points. That’s 10 times the bandwidth that the NFL requires at other stadiums.

So, if they’re capable of engineering that level of infrastructure for the stadium why can’t they broadcast Super Bowl 50 in 4K?

The Difficulty with Streaming the Super Bowl

In order to broadcast a ‘live’ 4K stream to the expected 189 million Super Bowl 50 viewers without delay, a significant improvement in video encoding technology is needed. Until then, the current network infrastructure cannot support the real-time broadcast of a raw 4K feed.

Super Bowl 50 will be filmed in 5K for later broadcast and to provide the officials with ultra-high definition clarity when reviewing plays. Otherwise, the game will be broadcast in HD and – if you have a 4K TV – simply stretched to fit your TV screen. So, if you’re one of the many considering taking advantage of the excellent deals on 4K TVs at major retailers, such as Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy, be aware that you can get a great deal on the best TV technology available today but you won’t have a chance to actually watch the game in 4K.

illumin8 Will Enable 4K Viewing for Future Super Bowl Broadcasts

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