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A Path to Unveil the Opaqueness of AI

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A Path to Unveil the Opaqueness of AI

Written by Ken Granville

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The world stands at a crossroads where technological advancement is both a blessing and a curse. While artificial intelligence (AI) promises innovation, efficiency, and convenience, it also shrouds itself in an opaque veil that conceals its true nature. As AI continues to permeate every aspect of our lives, we must address the dangers of opaqueness and the unintended consequences that lurk in the shadows. The global race to harness AI’s potential is commendable, but it comes with inherent risks. In this article, we explore why solutions like WantWare are essential to unveil the opaqueness in software and pave the way for a safer, more transparent future.

The Opaque Nature of Current AI

AI has made remarkable strides, from speech recognition to autonomous vehicles and predictive analytics. These achievements have revolutionized industries, enhancing productivity and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. However, beneath the surface of these achievements lies a significant challenge: opaqueness.

Current AI systems, especially those driven by deep learning and neural networks, operate as black boxes. They process vast amounts of data and make decisions, but they often lack transparency. Even their creators struggle to decipher why AI arrives at particular conclusions. This opaqueness raises concerns about accountability, bias, and ethical dilemmas.

The Climate Crisis Analogy

To illustrate the urgency of addressing AI opaqueness, consider the climate crisis. The Earth’s climate is in peril due to excessive carbon emissions. Just as the world recognized the dangers of climate change, we must also acknowledge the dangers of AI opaqueness.

The Global Rush for AI Leadership

In the race to lead in AI development, governments, corporations, and research institutions are investing heavily. The potential benefits are enormous, from healthcare advancements to autonomous systems that enhance our daily lives. However, in this rush for supremacy, we often overlook the inherent risks. Unforeseen consequences, such as biased decision-making or unethical AI applications, can result from AI systems we don’t fully understand.

Why WantWare Is the Solution

Enter WantWare—a beacon of transparency in the AI landscape. WantWare is not just another tool or technology; it’s a paradigm shift that places control and visibility in the hands of users. Here’s why WantWare is essential:

  • Transparency: WantWare is designed with transparency at its core. It doesn’t operate as a black box; instead, it enables users to see how AI arrives at decisions. The “Meaning Coordinates” provide clarity in every action, making it clear how outcomes are achieved.
  • Accountability: With WantWare, accountability is not a vague concept. Users can trace every action and decision back to its “Meaning Coordinates,” ensuring accountability and responsible AI use.
  • Bias Mitigation: Opaqueness in AI can lead to hidden biases. WantWare’s transparency allows for the detection and mitigation of biases, ensuring fair and ethical AI.
  • Ethical Development: In the rush to AI leadership, ethics can sometimes be overlooked. WantWare encourages ethical AI development by making the process visible and comprehensible.
  • Human-Centric: Unlike traditional AI systems, WantWare empowers users to instruct machines in their own way of thinking and expressing meaning. It’s not an entity with its own agenda; it’s a tool for users.


Just as humanity recognized the dangers of excessive carbon emissions and the climate crisis, we must address the dangers of opaqueness in AI. The rush for AI leadership is commendable, but it must not come at the cost of transparency, accountability, and ethics. WantWare offers a solution—a path to unveil the opaqueness in software and ensure that we control what we create. It’s time to embrace WantWare and steer technology into a future where we understand and guide AI for the betterment of humanity and the planet.

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