Maven® – A Revolutionary New Way to Create Machine Behaviors

The illumin8® app was created [blank screen to working app] in ~2 hours. That will soon be reduced to ~20 minutes, using our Maven® Dynamic App Creator. Almost all of the runtime code for both the illumin8® and Maven® apps is generated [not from code libraries] in real-time, used and then deleted.

Watch the video clips below to see creating with Maven®.

Synergy® | A Natural Language Dialog System – Coming Soon!

Synergy® takes virtual assistants to new levels by adding personalization (learning the users’ way of thinking), agility (locally sensing, inferring and acting), engagement (improving discovery via simple access to behaviors), and interoperability (improved support for new devices, platforms and data). Software becomes Wantware!

View the video clips below to see demonstrations of the future of computing.

Chameleon® – A Revolutionary Code Translator

We created Chameleon® to solve a problem [internal to MindAptiv]: the need to translate almost a million lines of code from one programming language (C89) to another (C99/C++). Chameleon® translated our source code in minutes. The source code compiled with zero errors. We also used Chameleon® to rapidly package ~5 million lines of code into a new model for code delivery [see the blog post about Ditto Maker].

We will announce when Chameleon® is available for use by others. Contact us for a solution that goes beyond the simplistic capabilities of low-code approaches. View the video clips below to see demonstrations of Chameleon®.