Redefining Computing with Meaning Coordinates

A Truly Human-Centric Approach

Written by: Ken Granville



In the digital age, where software has seeped into every crevice of our lives, the way we represent and process information is paramount. Traditional software development relies on programming languages, which, while powerful, come with their own set of limitations – from misinterpretations to the ever-looming software melt. But what if we were to rethink the very foundation of how we understand and process meaning in computing? Enter Meaning Coordinates.

Understanding Meaning Coordinates

At their core, Meaning Coordinates are vectors of analog values. But they aren’t just any vectors. They define the limits of possible meaning for given terms and contexts. In layman’s terms, they’re a sort of ‘semantic GPS’ that pinpoints what a term could possibly mean, given its surrounding context.

Why is This Revolutionary?

  1. Elimination of Ambiguity: By using analog values to set boundaries for meanings, we significantly reduce the ambiguity that’s rife in digital systems. It’s not just about ‘0s’ and ‘1s’ anymore; it’s about capturing the entire spectrum of a term’s potential meanings.
  2. Adaptive and Universal Communication: Whether you’re dealing with regional language variants, fictional languages, or even hypothetical intergalactic tongues, Meaning Coordinates ensure the underlying meaning remains consistent. This capability opens doors to truly global and intercultural digital experiences.
  3. Overcoming Software Melt: The Aptiv Types, powered by Meaning Coordinates, generate self-optimizing, highly parallelized machine instructions in real-time. This means we’re not just relying on pre-written code that can become obsolete or buggy; instead, we have a dynamic system that evolves and adapts.

Toward a More Human Digital Experience

The genius of Meaning Coordinates lies in its ability to mirror how humans naturally understand and interpret the world around them. While our brains don’t necessarily work in vectors and analog values, they do thrive on context and adaptability. Meaning Coordinates harness this human trait, making digital experiences more intuitive, meaningful, and genuinely human-centric.

As we stand on the cusp of this computational revolution, it’s time to embrace methods that prioritize human understanding and experience. Meaning Coordinates aren’t just a novel tech concept; they’re a step towards a future where technology feels less like lines of code and more like an extension of our human selves.

Join us in reimagining the future of computing, one coordinate at a time.