Platform Agnostic. Real-time Adaptive.

Use the Chameleon® Service to update, reuse and make source code platform agnostic. Port source code to different platforms in a fraction of the time and cost of competing services.

What is Chameleon®?

Chameleon® is a tool that allows us to transform source code from one language to another and to modify the style of the generated code.

What problems does Chameleon® solve?

The range of tools, peculiarities in syntax, and odd changes amongst each operating system version, tools version, and compatibility between the 3rd parties providing additional tools generally creates complicated challenges for the programming team that must ship products.

Collectively, this can be called “cross-platform challenges,” although keeping an application building on a single platform [as it is updated] and the various tools changes frequently result in technical problems.

Stylize Source Code

Software Engineers are human. Each of them has their own style of writing code and documenting code (commenting on the intent of lines of code) for understanding the written code for purposes of future maintenance by the original or other code writers.

Use the Chameleon® Service to translate and document source code for consistency with organizational or international standards, resulting in easier maintenance and built-in compliance.

Save years of coding time and expense

To convert 2 million lines of code from one programming language to another can take 20 software engineers an entire year. This assumes an average of 100,000 lines of code per coder.

Chameleon® can consume the original code and re-export everything for different code/build/tool flavors. Depending on the original programming languages, Chameleon® can do between 85-100 percent of the work in a fraction of the time compared to coding by hand.

Reuse code

Businesses often have years of expensive and complex code that represents major capital expenditures. Starting over again is simply not an option.

Chameleon® is a revolutionary new tool that can take existing code libraries and update them to newer paradigms, as well as keeping them as they are [integrating them with different platforms].

Avoid costly coding errors

The process of writing code is error-prone. As much as 80% of the cost of creating software is finding and fixing bugs. A process of manually porting code to another programming language or changing code to confirm to a standard exposes the project to risks that are systemic.

Chameleon® avoids such risks by eliminating entire classes of errors (e.g. arithmetic, logic, syntax, resource, coding conflicts, multi-threading and parallelism, and many more), while conforming to standards.