Choosing the Path of Transparency in Computing

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Choosing the Path of Transparency in Computing

Written by Ken Granville



The field of computing is at a crucial inflection point, where the choices we make today will shape the future of technology and society. As we stand on the brink of a new era driven by the rapid progress of AI and software development, questions about transparency, control, and the direction of innovation have come to the forefront. This article explores the diverging paths that lie ahead and the significance of choosing transparency, as exemplified by WantWare and its Meaning Coordinates.

The Opaque Paths of Software and AI:

Historically, software and AI have been characterized by their opacity. Traditional software development relies on programming languages, creating intricate layers of code that often obscure the true nature of the processes at work. Similarly, AI, especially neural networks, presents complex models that are challenging to interpret. These opaque systems have raised concerns about understanding, control, and trust.

Software, driven by code, has long been the backbone of technology. However, the intricacies of code have made it difficult for non-experts to comprehend how software behaves. The opacity of code-driven software has often led to security vulnerabilities, glitches, and unintended consequences.

AI, on the other hand, introduces a new layer of complexity. Neural networks, while powerful, operate as black boxes, making it challenging to decipher their decision-making processes. This lack of transparency has implications for fields ranging from healthcare to finance, where AI systems are increasingly relied upon.

The Path of WantWare and Meaning Coordinates:

Amidst these opaque paths, WantWare emerges as a transformative force, offering an alternative direction that prioritizes transparency and explainability. At its core, WantWare represents the paradigm shift of intent-driven computing, enabled by Meaning Coordinates.

Meaning Coordinates, unlike lines of code or neural network layers, provide a clear and human-centric way to express intentions and instructions. They serve as the building blocks of WantWare, mapping every action and process in a language that everyone can understand. This shift from coding to describing what you want is a fundamental change in how we interact with technology.

Transparency and Explainability:

One of the defining features of WantWare is its inherent transparency and explainability. In contrast to traditional software and black-box AI, WantWare operates with full visibility. Users can trace every action back to its Meaning Coordinates, ensuring clarity in achieving desired outcomes.

Choosing the Path Forward:

The inflection point we face today demands a critical decision about the direction of computing. The traditional paths of opaque software and AI have been well-trodden, but they come with limitations and uncertainties. As technology becomes increasingly integrated into our daily lives, the consequences of opacity become more pronounced.

WantWare offers a different path, one that leads to transparency, control, and understanding. In a world where the choices we make today will shape our future, the significance of this path cannot be overstated. While big money may be invested in the traditional directions, the future of society may ultimately depend on choosing the path of transparency exemplified by WantWare and Meaning Coordinates.


The inflection point in computing represents a pivotal moment in history. The choice between opaque software, opaque AI, or the transparency of WantWare is not merely a technological decision but a societal one. As we navigate this critical juncture, the call for transparency and understanding in technology grows louder. WantWare offers a beacon of hope, a path that aligns computing with human intent and values, ensuring that we are not at the mercy of opaque systems but in control of our digital future. The time to choose is now.

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