Use Ditto Maker, Maven®, Synergy and Chameleon to transform Dev Ops forever…


A Quantum Leap Forward in Data Protection


IP Protection Re-invented


Big Data Becomes a Much Bigger Deal


The Web Transformed


Powerful Object-level Control


Cumulative Computing Everywhere


Live updating makes everyone’s life better.

Improve every aspect of the systems that your business depends on with WantWare generated by the Essence® Platform from MindAptiv. Developers and the rest of your team who do not know how to code create a new generation of apps that generate machine-level instructions based on meanings [both during the development process and in real-time]. With WantWare, no one writes code.


Transforming AI from the Edge to the Cloud.

We have created a transformational approach to AI that improves nearly every aspect of how your business processes data everywhere. Whether in the Cloud or in a remote location on the Edge, Essence® unifies AI siloes, enhances processing even in bandwidth constrained scenarios and accelerates compute speeds on every class of computing device.


Enable everyone in your business to create at the speed of thought.

Focus coding efforts on building a new generation of code packages (Dittos) that are simple for everyone to pick up and use (speak, type, drag-n-drop, gesture, etc.). Think of Dittos as Lego® Bricks that are hot swappable packages of code, data and instructions that cover the fullness of what computing can do (including AI technology).


Finally, scaling computing solutions becomes much easier, faster and cheaper.

Every solution built using Essence® tools auto-scales, auto-tunes and auto-synchs. The technology costs for your business drop significantly, while the quality of your solutions go up.


Create apps in under an hour without coding.

Essence® tools [Synergy® and Maven®] capture human intentions and translates them into self-tuning machine instructions in real-time. Each of the apps that make up the illumin8 Experience Suite was created in minutes by a single developer [often without coding skills or engineering knowledge].