The world needs a new approach to software development.

Software development for various platforms (operating systems) and hardware devices (e.g. processors, sensors, controllers, displays, etc.) are impacted by coding inefficiencies and differences between platforms. User experiences are impacted by methods used to deliver and update software (e.g. downtime required to install software). Security risks are inherent in the software delivery process (e.g. injection of malware, coding errors, limited encryption, poor validation of source, limited testing).


A win-win for developers and customers

Developers are always in a race against time, cost, and quality. They frequently have to sacrifice one of the three. Every Aptiv, an adaptive App built using Essence® Platform tools, is a compute system that dynamically adapts to the operating environment, users, and developers in real-time.


A modular architecture

Essence® uses a patented modular architecture, somewhat like an operating system kernel. This modularity enables dynamic loading of specialized code [into a unified pipeline for data and code] while allowing the core to remain small [~26kb Essence® Agent]. This enables the Essence® Agent to continuously optimize for general purposes.

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