What’s New in this Version:

  • Illumin8 is now properly sandboxed, signed and notarized with Apple for use on macOS 14 Mojave, users who have run an earlier version will notice no change, new users will no longer have to go to their Security settings to allow the app to run for the first time
  • A new batch of transformation effects are now available in the Appearance () and Scene () Galleries
  • Added Green Screen Transformation to the Appearance Gallery, users can use this effect to achieve chroma key compositing with their own webcam/green screen or local media files that feature green screen.  This transformation is also compatible with other popular chroma key compositing solutions like blue screen. Examples of how to use this functionality will be available on MindAptiv.com soon!
  • Added four new toggleable backdrop effects – Aurora, Paper, Clouds, & Shimmer
  • Added three new toggleable overlay effects – Flame, Jet HUD, & Lens Flare
  • Added the ability to toggle media visibility on and off
  • Added the ability to mix feeds from up to four webcams into your media and transformations
  • Transformation sliders now have unique names for what parameters they are modifying for a given Appearance or Scene effect
  • Added transformation presets – each Appearance or Scene effect now has four examples presets with the sliders adjusted with different initial values to give users some good starting examples for what an effect can do, these presets are presented in yellow, and changes made to a preset will be saved for future runs of this version of illumin8-
  • Added transformation clearing – pressing the closed eye below the transformation preview thumbnails will clear whatever Appearance or Scene effect is currently applied-
  • Added button hovering – labels and icons that are clickable will now display a highlighted outline to denote that they can be interacted with
  • Fixed a known issue where media files could become warped or squashed
  • Fixed a known issue where webcams and other overlays were justified to the left instead of centered
  • Fixed a known issue where users could only get out of expanded media viewing by pressing the Home button.  The Expand player button now correctly toggles between the regular media transform view and the expanded media view
  • Fixed a known issue where canceling out of a macOS Finder popup would crash the application
  • Fixed a known issue where sometimes vertical or horizontal lines would appear as artifacts around certain GUI elements
  • Fixed a known issue where media would get cropped in the Appearance and Scene galleries
  • Revised file handling streams, opening a media file will now start the Finder popup window at the location the last user file was accessed from
  • Revised the icon-set used by illumin8 to make improvements on quality
  • For users who ran previous versions of illumin8, transformation settings will be reset to their default values on the first run of this updated version

Known Issues:

  • Sliders may not slide for certain trackpads and Apple Magic Mice models, users with these input devices experiencing this issue can still modify transform effects by clicking on the sliders as a temporary workaround
  • Saving screenshots to Desktop can cause the app to crash, for now default to saving screenshots elsewhere like Documents or Pictures instead.
  • 4K iMacs may experience a black screen when clicking the Appearance () and Scene () Gallery icons, we are seeking feedback on this issue, if you have experienced a blank or black screen while running this new release please contact us with more details.

For a complete list of older issues and workarounds, see the FAQ section of the website