illumin8 allows you to apply live and customizable transformations to your webcam feed and most image and video files. From the moment the app starts, simply select the media type you want to start with to select your file or camera of choice, or go right to the sample image included with the application to start applying effects.

As of this writing there are two different effect sets that can be accessed via the amber appearance button and blue scene button. Selecting either will present the user with an initial batch of effects that they can preview by playing with via selecting the thumbnails and adjusting the provided modifier sliders (note: not all sliders are hooked up for all effects yet, see FAQ for more). MindAptiv plans to continue to iterate and expand on the initial set of transforms offered in this version of illumin8 to include more varied and unique effects over time, as well as the ability to apply more than two effects simultaneously.

The appearance set of transforms applies a transformation directly to the incoming media, while the scene set applies a final effect to the entire creation, including whatever appearance effects are currently being applied to the user’s chosen media. Users can save screenshots of their creation and slider settings via the export button in the player controls area of the screen and crop out their creations for later use or sharing. The ability to save just the transformed media as an image or as a video clip is forthcoming and in our roadmap for future updates. The effects of transformations can be cleared for each category using the “hide-visibility” eye icons below each effect’s thumbnail from the main transform screen. Like a certain effect, but want to change the source? It’s as easy as selecting one of the media source icons at the top of the page to open a new image, video or camera.

illumin8’s media processing pipeline is also actively resampling all incoming media assets to match the native resolution of the user’s display hardware using a variety of algorithms and recipes to upsample lower resolution media for more modern displays.