The Essence® Platform

Software Evolved is WantWare

It took over 30,000 years for humanity to go from horses as a primary means of transportation to automobiles, airplanes and spaceships.

The Essence® Platform arrives less than a century after the beginning of the computer age and there has never been a software platform like it. It is the companion technology to quantum machines that will take humanity into the quantum age, where computing becomes more like magic than technology.

Get ready to: create at the speed of thought®

A New Computing Era for Everyone

Like the biggest technology breakthroughs in history (e.g. electricity, lightbulb, automobile, airplane, radio, television, Internet, computer, etc.), the common thread is they were designed to include everyone. Essence® provides an exciting path towards the democratization of computing that enables everyone to create machine behaviors without requiring the knowledge and skills of a coder. The very prospect of our vision “create at the speed of thought®” should produce goose bumps as it often does for our company.

In Essence® You Can Enjoy Unparalleled:

WantWare in action!

Create Aptivs in Minutes

Essence® captures human intentions and translates them into self-tuning machine instructions in real-time. Creating Aptivs can take one person as little as a few hours or even minutes per app [no coding].

Imagine having a meeting about requirements and leaving the meeting with a working solution. Essence® makes the evolution from software [written by skilled engineers] to WantWare [generated by anyone] possible. Watch the WantWare video to learn how.

Less Size = More Value

Instead of measuring value by lines of code (LOC), WantWare measures value by behaviors of the machine required to realize ideas.

Unlike other platform apps, the Essence® Aptiv generates, uses and then deletes machine-level code in real-time. Thus, making it a fraction of the size of any competing operating system and built-in apps. Installing Essence® takes 273 times less space than installing Windows 10, 140 times less space than OS X Catalina, and 54 times less space than Android.

Sources information: Android 7.0 | OS X Catalina | Windows 10

Integration on a New Level

New technology is being created at an increasingly rapid pace. Making new tech both workable with older tech and future tech is a major challenge.

Apps, services, and devices simply work together out of the box. Every kind of software and device can become the equivalent of a Lego® Brick that can be hot-swapped in and out of memory supporting IT architectures [big and small].

There is simply no other solution that matches the number of value propositions available via the Essence® Platform.

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Redefining Hardware Performance & Efficiency

Tuning hardware for better performance, scalability and energy efficiency often requires specialized tools and engineers with specialist skills.

Imagine having the equivalent of a team of engineers constantly optimizing generated code for processors, memory, batteries, and other components, while self-tuning Aptivs for the best user experience in numerous ways. New levels of speed/responsiveness or doing things that were not possible to do become the new normal.

The Choice is Easy

Create applications without knowing the English language or how to write code!

Create/tweak Aptivs immediately in a meeting and in a language that every department can understand/contribute to.

WantWare let’s everyone participate as a creator, not just a user.

How Can an OS that’s so Small Possibly Work?

Essence® is not an Operating System (OS). It is an adaptive computing extension (ACE). While it is similar to a Unikernel, its runtime regeneration of code to maximize speed or space or wattage, and its per-info-unit security allows Essence® to achieve a tighter coupling of understanding and control over your computing experience. Essence® can run alongside a host OS for compatibility or be installed exclusively as an appliance.

Wantware is a process of Essence® answering the many user-expressed tasks with custom, runtime software to maximize its hardware/resources. Wantware uses an Agent to transform a Skill (user expressed ‘want’) into a composition of Powers (permutations of legacy-code or runtime code) and schedules when it runs, what it can learn or change, and how it all happens.

Per Data/Behavior Security Controls

Most platforms have a single access point, often called ‘ROOT ACCESS’, or ‘Administrator Privileges’ or other one-size-fits-all approach, despite security failures being the norm with these approaches.

Essence® Aptivs use a per-data-point (granularity is on a per-owner/per-data basis) means to secure data. Granular control restricts unauthorized access preventing even knowing the name of a data-point, never mind changing it, without permission.

How is Essence® Deployed?

It would make no sense at all to suggest that existing code [major capital investments] should be thrown out. We have created two options for deploying Essence®.

  • Deployment Option #1: Essence® Aptivs use the Essence® Agent [tailored by platform] to run on existing platforms. Aptivs are downloaded from online stores (App Store, Google Play, Steam Store, Microsoft Store, etc.).
  • Deployment Option #2: (Future) Essence® Aptivs do not require an OS. The Essence® Agent manages compute resources and performs tasks of an OS [plus unique Essence® features not present in any OS]. This will require a new store to be announced.