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Revolutionizing audio and web conferencing


The most efficient and high quality video conferencing in the world.

WarpSpeed works in places that other video conferencing solutions fail.


Slashing the demands on your data plan.

Imagine high quality live video streaming at 3G speeds.


Remote areas won’t feel so remote.

The vision for the Internet of Everything must include everyone. Low speed connections and over 3,000 languages are supported.


Focus on what you want to be seen.

WarpSpeed works like the human eye. The world is not flat to us, we see objects.

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Use Cases

Jewel Web Browser

Accelerating support for every language on the planet and enabling communities to create software solutions without writing code.


Connecting people and communities around the world, with high resolution video and audio over low-speed connections.


A new generation of video and editing software that combines many different AI algorithms to deliver a wide range of quality and editing improvements.

The Gem (Basic)

The first green modular computer that is simple to combine/unify to meet changing needs. The AI-powered OS inside makes it a computer made for the 21ST century.

The Gem Pro

Designed for the prosumer, the Gem Pro will have higher performance capabilities and an SDK for creating a new generation of no code/low code software products.

The Gem Super

Enables building the greenest and most powerful conventional computing systems at lower cost, space, energy, and maintenance costs.

The Technology Inside the Gem

Pivotal Innovation

3 solutions to choose from for alignment with your business needs. Essence technology is designed to address legacy, current and future computing needs.


A new approach to computing that combines human expressed wants with semantic units to generate highly efficient machine-level code in real-time.

Essence Elements - e2

A new curated semantic unit ontology for mapping meaning to machine behaviors. e2 has been refined over 7 years to cover the fullness of what computing can do.

3 Essence Solutions

New set of options for modernizing legacy systems, adding powerful software to existing platforms, and transcending legacy computing.

A Deeper Dive

As we discuss our technology with engineers, we will post answers to their questions on our website. We look forward to sharing more about our approach.

Past, Present, Future

3 Solutions for improvements in current legacy code, current generation platforms, and delivering the era of computing when computers are much more like appliances.