A New Wantware-Powered Browser

Key Features: Optimize | Visualize | Crypto | AI | Physics | Automation | Languages | Security

Who is JewelTM made for, and how would it make their lives better?

Data Transformer

Semantic Intelligence for Web3+

Web3 or web 3.0 is an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web based on blockchain technologies. Aside from the cryptocurrency applications such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, decentralized economics is applied more broadly with Web3. To realize the web3 vision of democratization of the World Wide Web, there needs to be broader access to creating products that utilize blockchain technologies. Otherwise, large corporations and investors will dominate the related markets. The risk is the new web becomes much like the old web, centrally controlled and an opportunity that enriches the few. Jewel, using our formula processing technology, will convert content from web pages into visual elements for later use. Video frames and audio can be output to a dynamic web page that is a composite of components from one or more web pages.

Jewel uses a system that combines distributed ledger technologies (e.g., blockchains and our own highly scalable quantum-ready ledger) and a semantically intelligent Essence Agent. The Agent is designed to be used by coders and non-coders alike. Our approach allows machine behaviors and digital assets to be created, understood, tweaked, edited, and traded without reliance on coders or written code in libraries or AI mimicking the coding process.

Watch the video – Jewel Prototype in Creator Mode

Target Market: Browser Companies | Web Developers | Consumers

A Data Teleporter

Without high-speed connections to the internet, communities around the world are left out of the digital revolution. Jewel uses WarpSpeed to reduce the amount of data required to deliver high resolution content, and experiences on low-speed connections. Amazingly, the output signal is transformed into better quality than the input signal. The transform capabilities of Jewel will be a major benefit to streaming services, which are very much about efficient delivery of quality services.

Target Market: Disadvantaged Communities | Healthcare | Live Streamers | Social Media | Entertainers | Gamers | Advertisers

Your Personal Holodeck

Creativity around the world is constrained by complexity, and opaqueness in computing. Jewel, using Synergy and Maven, allows everyone to easily create, understand, tweak, and edit machine behaviors with ordinary language. Participate in the global digital economy, without needing to learn how to code. Like paradigm shifts in transportation, the freedom to create has enormous potential for creating new global markets that are currently unimagined.

Target Market: Universal Communicator & Teleporter Markets | Creators | Consumers | Teams | Non-coders | Coders

Universal Communicator

Unsupported Languages

Modern web browsers support less than 200 of the over 3000 written languages, and there are over 3000 unsupported spoken languages. Jewel, using our Engage technology, will support every written language and provide tools to support creating written versions of the rest. Describe all of the rules and intricacies of a language, and Jewel adds it to the languages that it supports.

Poor Translation Services

Google Translate supports around 100 languages, and it is not uncommon for meanings to get lost in translation. Using Semantic-AI, Jewel (via our language support system, Engage) can support culturally accurate translation of every language. Literally, billions of people can benefit from better language translation.

Target Market: Indigenous Communities | Immigrants | Educators | Researchers | Linguists | Healthcare | Government Organizations | NGOs | Global Aid Organizations | Travel & Tourism | International Businesses | Diplomatic Services

Go Beyond Being a User, Be a Creator

Imagine being able to instruct Jewel to combine digital art with hand drawn art, and animations created with words, not code, then inserting them into an NFT (non-fungible-token).

You might think that code has to be written before the above experiences can be accessed by a user. In fact, it doesn’t. Jewel interprets meaning and then generates the machine instructions, bypassing programming languages, needed to make each experience happen on-the-fly.

Create rich experiences, in your language of choice, without writing code. Get ready for the future of computing that enables the era of the creatives.

The Semantic Web & Much More

Fundamentally New Capabilities

One of the functions of the Agent generated code is to tokenize every web page’s content (data, images, code behaviors), map them to meaning units, and to natural language.  A built-in ledger can be applied to Jewel and all other Aptivs. In effect, all data and web behaviors can be traded, including as NFTs (Non-fungible-tokens) that contain both media and natural language descriptions of behaviors. When an NFT is opened, Jewel interprets the descriptions of behavior inside, and transforms them into code for the web, machine instructions for servers and the native devices.

Sensing and Transforming

Think of Jewel as a sensor that transforms the web into semantic units of meaning, instead of just network packets of data, and code. This lets us run and pull data from the Web or other machines, or emulators, display them in computer graphic scenes for VR/AR/XR, resampling, extracting, and easy automation.

Saving Network and Storage Capacity

Jewel applies a breakthrough revolutionary patented approach that uses less network and storage capacity by making data displayed to the user higher-quality than the original data.

Eliminating the Double Hop

A person who does not speak English must learn it (the first hop) before learning to write code (the second hop). Almost all programming languages are in English.

Jewel lets users create machine behaviors using their own language and their own way of thinking, without needing to learn English or how to write code. Global diversity and inclusion gets a major boost.

The future of the computing is designed for everyone, not just the highly skilled.

Sculpt the Web & Beyond

A highly skilled surgeon can wield a scalpel to great effect. However, the many years of training and honing of related skills are outside of the reach of the majority of people.

Jewel lets anyone sculpt the web without imposing the barriers to entry that currently exist. Far beyond the limited capabilities of template-based web page editors, Jewel uses arguably the most powerful tools humanity has ever created. Speak, type, gesture, drag-n-drop to express what you want. Watch as your ideas are transformed into Web behaviors in real-time. Jewel extends the ability to sculpt experiences to the desktop, IoT, all data and languages, and to the web3 marketplace and beyond.

Jewel is the path towards universal communication, where every language is supported. Supporting languages includes semantically accurate translation.

Reversing Language Extinction

When a language dies, the culture often dies with it. Between 1950 and 2010, 230 languages went extinct, according to the UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger. Today, a third of the world’s languages have fewer than 1,000 speakers left. Every two weeks a language dies with its last speaker, 50 to 90 percent of them are predicted to disappear by the next century.

Jewel supports over 3,000 languages compared to less than 200 supported by mainstream web browsers. Using semantic-AI technology, Jewel transforms low-quality fonts (too low-quality for mainstream web browsers to use) into high-quality fonts, while providing tools (using rules and intricacies of any language) to create written versions of over 3,000 languages that are only spoken, creating new languages, and supporting the resurrection of languages that are extinct.

What’s Inside?

Jewel is a revolutionary new way to experience the web. We will use it as an example Aptiv.

Jewel is an Aptiv used to browse, analyze, and extract information from webages using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, and WebGL with DOM (document object model).  Simply put, users of Jewel can create/interact/control their experiences without being a coder.

The Essence Agent Powers, the platform-specific Powers, Essence Meaning Coordinates, and required Wantverses used by Jewel are described below.

1 – Essence Agent Core Powers

Operating System(OS) specific process-launching/thread-spawning or Hardware UEFI/BIOS specific or both for startup process (~1 msec start)

Handles initial processor/bus/memory assessment and resource pooling.

Identity Confirmation and Location Probing (find current user, their last Essence session, along with style, rules, and history)

Manages a variety of verifications, guards, and runtime trust-checks. Only handles the other 7 Powers and itself but does so natively at startup.

Matches streams of Essence Atoms into foundation segments of hardware-machine code or emulation code for 1 or more boot-time chips such as CPUs, Bus-controllers, DSPs, Media-Codecs, & other chips available at startup or uniquely configured (SoC).

Handles connecting a series of ‘Code-Maker’ results with other Powers from other Wantverses based on the platform’s prior runs and training/history data with ranges of scored (good/neutral/bad) results.

Manages issuing, assessing, and balancing various results of the Power04:Code-Maker running across the currently available chip.

Manages all shutdown or unrecoverable error states, blackbox logging, & cleanup issues specific to the Platform.

2 – Powers

Enables management and throttling of tasks for our platform, the resources requested, and load balancing everything requested by the user. Includes core threading or multitask models, parallel scheduling, and memory models for read/write of cached RAM, direct RAM (like HP), transactional or quantum units.

Enables ciphers, obfuscation, and other encryption affiliated tech, including ledgers (e.g., blockchain).

Sense can be traditional controllers or classic input signals. Sensors enable discreet Communication between a user and a device, such as Touchscreens, Keyboards or Gyro meters.

Sense Powers also gather analog signal data that may be processed or resampled, such as Cameras, Mics, or Thermometers.

Enables detecting connections, finding locations, and verifying successful transfer of timely data to storage connections.

Enables translation between external data formats and network protocols, separate from the Store approach.

Run a simulation’s update as a step in time. Includes software and hardware emulation running former or imagined computer hardware, video game consoles, operating system configurations, virtual machines, web browsers, or other software applications as interfaces.

Editing covers the add, modify, and remove cycles for a domain of data, such as database editing, scene placement, stage directions, or presentation crafting. Note that text-editing/word-processing occurs here for the atomic units of text/words/documents but the specifics of text, as symbol-streams, is handled by Symbolize.

Enables field processing math equations across dimensions of streams of numbers.

Note: There are likely 20+ additional Powers used by every one of the Powers above.

3 – Skills

Natural Language Processing | Natural Language Dialog

Synergy takes sloppy English or other natural or even made up languages and maps it to “meaning units” that an Essence computer can represent and express as data and machine instructions (binaries, not programming languages). Thus, it converts “your unique wants into what your hardware (phone, tablet, PC, smart watch, etc.) can do. The user interface, math functions, data models, algorithms, etc. are accessed via the appropriate possibility boxes and regenerative machine instructions made in real-time and then deleted, like SnapChat messages. An example of interacting with Jewel, the corresponding Meaning Coordinates and the corresponding machine behaviors are below.

4 – Wantverses

The Technology Wantverses

(Available for everyone’s collective use)

The starting wantverse filled with foundational ideas and abilities for all platforms. It includes all the foundation Ideas, Records, Actions, and SpaceTimes for interfacing between human and machine.

A specific wantverse with as many device specific capabilities exposed as possible.

An individual users’ wantverse of the style/design/terms/etc.  and personal wants on a particular machine, not everywhere.

The Design Wantverses

(Available for everyone’s collective use)

Your Everywhere Shared Designs is a Wantverse storing shared rules, styles, and configuration preferences for this user across all computer hosts.

A wantverse storing the users’ past events.

The Story Wantverses

(Available for everyone’s collective use)

Your Live_Events is a Wantverse storing your live events.

Your Story_History is a Wantverse storing your past events.

The Experience Wantverses

(Available for everyone’s collective use)

The Home Experience Wantverse delivers your packaged possibilities available for use.

The Browser Experience Wantverse lets users find experiences and match desired capabilities or learn about possibilities.

The Trader Experience Wantverse manages how to trade possibilities in a market place with other users.

The Maker Experience Wantverse lets users modify or create worlds using design-focused capabilities.

Products in Development

The Democratization of Computing

We’ve done the heavy lifting, which involves patented transformative breakthroughs in mathematical approaches to generating algorithms and meaning representation that goes beyond (human and machine) languages.

WantWare enables the many products in our own roadmap, to be developed rapidly and to require far less maintenance than is required by the current software development process. The functionality needed to create those and an endless number of products already exists within the abilities of the Essence Agent. It totally makes sense once it is understood that WantWare is fundamentally about intent translated and transformed into machine instructions, in real-time.

The products in development above are just the tip of an enormous iceberg. There’s much more underneath the surface. Software evolved is wantware!

Get ready to create at the speed of thought.

Wantware Inside

Introduction to Wantware – Understanding Scale and Scope of Wantware as a Solution

From Software to Wantware – Learn How Software Becomes Wantware

The Essence Platform – Democratizing Web3 and Computing in General

The Essence Aptiv – A New Way to Harden Code by Reducing Code

The Essence Agent – The brains of the Essence Platform

The Essence Powers System – A New Code and Data Packaging System

The Essence mPowers – All the ways that humans interact with WantWare-powered machines

Nebulo® – Translatable data structures for adaptively managing data and code with semantic intelligence

Essence Meaning Coordinates, a way to map intent to meaning to regenerative machine instructions, not fixed code.

MorpheusTM – A pathway to platform agnostic computing based on platform-specific regenerative machine instructions

Maestro® – Balancing sensory quality in response to latency and user-level choices, in real-time

As we discuss our technology with engineers, we will post answers to their questions on our website.