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How WantWare and Meaning Coordinates Lead the Way

Written by Ken Granville

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Title: Preserving Privacy in the Age of AI:


In an era marked by technological leaps and the ubiquity of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the protection of individuals’ privacy is of paramount concern. President Biden’s 2023 executive order on AI emphasizes the need to prioritize the development and utilization of privacy-preserving techniques, especially those leveraging cutting-edge AI while safeguarding training data privacy. In this article, we will explore how WantWare, empowered by Meaning Coordinates, stands at the forefront of preserving privacy in the digital age.

The Privacy Challenge in the AI Era:

As AI systems become more sophisticated, they require vast amounts of data for training. However, this necessity for data can pose serious privacy risks, as sensitive information can be exposed in the process. Balancing the advancement of AI with the protection of individual privacy is a complex challenge that requires innovative solutions.

WantWare and Meaning Coordinates: A Privacy-Preserving Alliance:

WantWare, using Meaning Coordinates, offers a comprehensive solution to address the privacy concerns associated with AI development and usage:

  • Privacy-Preserving Techniques: WantWare enables the development and deployment of cutting-edge privacy-preserving techniques. Meaning Coordinates can be used to define specific privacy parameters and constraints, ensuring that AI systems operate within strict privacy guidelines.
  • Secure Training Environments: With WantWare, AI systems can be trained in secure, controlled environments that preserve the privacy of training data. Meaning Coordinates set the boundaries for data access during the training process, preventing unauthorized exposure.
  • Differential Privacy: Differential privacy techniques can be seamlessly integrated into AI systems using WantWare. Meaning Coordinates can define the degree of differential privacy required, allowing organizations to strike a balance between data utility and individual privacy.
  • User-Centric Privacy Control: WantWare puts privacy control in the hands of individuals. Through natural language dialogue, users can interact with AI systems, setting their privacy preferences, and determining the extent to which their data is used.

Advancing Privacy Standards:

The use of WantWare and Meaning Coordinates to advance privacy standards involves several key steps:

  • Privacy Model Definition: Organizations and developers can use Meaning Coordinates to define precise privacy models that govern AI systems’ behavior. These models encompass data access, retention, and utilization policies.
  • Privacy Training: Developers can use WantWare to create AI models that are trained with privacy preservation as a core principle. This ensures that privacy is embedded from the very beginning of AI development.
  • User-Centric Privacy: Individuals can use WantWare to engage in a dialogue with AI systems regarding their privacy preferences. Meaning Coordinates interpret and enforce these preferences, giving users control over their data.
  • Interoperability: WantWare’s interoperability ensures that privacy-preserving techniques can be applied uniformly across different AI systems and platforms, creating a cohesive privacy framework.


As we navigate the AI-driven digital landscape, preserving privacy becomes a top priority. President Biden’s executive order emphasizes the importance of privacy-preserving techniques, especially in the context of AI development. WantWare, in tandem with Meaning Coordinates, is a pioneering force in this endeavor. These technologies enable the creation of AI systems that respect and protect individuals’ privacy, setting new standards for responsible AI innovation.

Through the definition of privacy models, secure training environments, and user-centric privacy control, WantWare uses Meaning Coordinates to empower organizations, developers, and individuals to strike the right balance between technological progress and privacy protection. Together, we can foster an AI ecosystem where cutting-edge innovations and privacy preservation coexist harmoniously. In the age of AI, privacy need not be compromised, thanks to the transformative capabilities of WantWare and its Meaning Coordinates.

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