A new modality designed to empower everyone.

There are almost 8 billion people in the world and less than 1% [~20 million] are coders. Think of all of the ideas that are potentially lost to the world. That gives us nearly 8 billion reasons why we are compelled to offer an alternative.

Releasing ideas benefits everyone.

Our platform is about much more than faster apps or even better AI. Through a new generation of adaptive apps, engineers become much more effective. Everyone creating machine behaviors [without writing code] will create a global explosion of economic growth in existing and new markets.

We must escape the current way of thinking.

Humanity has been here before. To realize the brighter future delivered by modern modes of travel, we had to accept that horses and buggies were not the end game. Today, we must first acknowledge that the problem is how we create, test, deliver, integrate, and maintain software. Only then can we confidently and fully redefine the future through entirely new modes of computing.

Into the Future.

We do not believe in simply continuing to build on top of software models that were created for a different time. To do so would be the equivalent of mounting rockets on a horse. We believe that the purpose, and even the size, of an operating system, along with its relationship to hardware, applications, data, and users, all must change.

Adapt or die.

Humanity has always been able to solve problems by adapting via innovation. We must adapt our computing approach to the needs of the many rather than remain constrained by the insights of highly skilled engineers and scientists. By widening the participation in solving problems [from the few to the many], it is reasonable to expect that every category of computing [including AI] will become much better as a result.

A new modality for computing is here….NOW.

Not simply another AI solution, Apps/Aptivs created with the Essence® Platform use SI (Semiotic Intelligence), which is a way to determine the meaning of everything processed in a compute environment (hardware, human and machine languages, signs, symbols, semantics, syntactics, data and choices) and generating machine-level instructions to create machine behaviors in real-time, without writing code. The evolution of software is Wantware. Expect everything that computing does to become cheaper, faster, easier, and better.

Create at the speed of thought®