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The Dawn of WantWare

Written by Ken Granville

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The world of computing has been bound by the binary code for decades. Conventional computers, operating solely on the language of 1s and 0s, have relied on an intermediary step known as programming languages to translate human intent into machine actions. This approach, while powerful, has always had its limitations. But what if we could break free from the constraints of programming languages and instruct machines directly? The answer lies in the revolutionary technology of WantWare, where software evolves into a new paradigm of human-computer interaction.

The Binary Conundrum

In the realm of conventional computing, the binary code reigns supreme. Machines, devoid of human-like understanding, process information in the form of binary digits – 1s and 0s. While effective for computational tasks, this binary language is far removed from how humans naturally communicate. In the world envisioned by science fiction, we see characters effortlessly interacting with machines, as if conversing with a fellow human. The reality, however, is quite different. Few individuals write or interpret binaries in their daily lives, and for a good reason.

Programming Languages: The Bridge Between Worlds

Programming languages serve as a bridge between the binary world of machines and the expressive realm of human language. They allow software developers to convey their intentions to computers through a syntax that computers can understand. This intermediary step, however, comes with its own set of challenges. Learning a programming language can be as daunting as learning a foreign tongue. It requires specialized knowledge, training, and experience.

Moreover, programming languages can introduce errors and vulnerabilities, often leading to software bugs and security breaches. The complexity of these languages makes it difficult for non-experts to engage with computing systems directly, limiting the democratization of technology.

The WantWare Revolution

Enter WantWare, a transformative technology that heralds the evolution of software. Unlike traditional programming languages, WantWare operates on the principle that machines can be instructed without the need for an intermediary code. This groundbreaking approach redefines human-computer interaction by introducing the concept of Meaning Coordinates.

Meaning Coordinates are a series of analog values that define the limits of possible meaning for specific terms and contexts. They serve as a universal language bridge between humans and machines, encompassing natural language, signs, symbols, semantics, and syntax. In essence, they enable machines to understand human intentions without the intricacies of programming languages.

Software Evolved

With WantWare, software evolves into a dynamic, human-centric tool. Instead of writing lines of code, users can interact with machines in a language that feels natural to them. WantWare embodies the idea of “Software Evolved,” where technology aligns seamlessly with human intent, transcending the boundaries of traditional software.

Impact on Humanity

The implications of WantWare’s evolution are profound. It democratizes technology, making it accessible to a broader audience. Anyone can interact with machines, communicate their intentions, and harness the power of computing without the need for extensive programming knowledge.

Moreover, the removal of programming languages from the equation reduces the likelihood of errors and security vulnerabilities. WantWare paves the way for safer, more reliable software systems, critical in an increasingly interconnected world.


WantWare represents a leap forward in the evolution of software and computing. It breaks free from the constraints of programming languages, enabling humans to interact with machines in their own language. This technology holds the promise of a more inclusive, secure, and efficient digital future. As software evolves into WantWare, the boundaries between humans and machines blur, ushering in an era where technology aligns seamlessly with human intent, ultimately benefiting humanity as a whole.

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