Why care about electronic eavesdropping?

In the Internet age, it is increasingly simple to eavesdrop on email, voice, instant messaging, and other methods of communication considered private.

To assume that communications between two parties are safe from prying by others is an incorrect assumption. A security breach can compromise the integrity of your entire business, putting your business and customers at risk.

What Can StreamWeave® do for your business and customers?

StreamWeave® is a method to interleave bit-planes of data transmissions between different senders and receivers to prevent electronic eavesdropping, minimize latencies, and maximize data validation.

The results are generally faster and significantly more secure data transfers than single-stream methods.

How is StreamWeave deployed?

StreamWeave® is installed as a service on computing devices of senders and receivers, as well as hosted services in the Cloud.

Senders and receivers know that their communications are secure when the StreamWeave® icon is colored for active.

Why not just use available methods of encryption?

Encryption has long been a means to protect data transmissions from being accessed by unintended recipients. However, advances in computing means that encryption techniques are increasingly compromised by hackers of various types (e.g. criminals, state sponsored entities, activists, etc.).

This trend will continue unless successful preventative measures are made available. We developed StreamWeave® precisely for that reason.

What are common use cases for StreamWeave®?

Whether conducting sensitive financial transactions, business operations, or sharing personal data, StreamWeave® can protect communications from being compromised. StreamWeave® works with text, images, video, audio, markup, and other discrete data types.

When combined with MindAptiv’s Jewel web browser, Internet users benefit from new levels of security.

Organizations seeking to protect information hosted on enterprise IT resources that are increasingly mobile need StreamWeave®.

How does latency and data validation affect the user experience?

Slow downloads, poor voice call quality and many tasks associated with providing telecommunications services (such as data validation) have an impact on nearly all users of modern telecommunications.

StreamWeave® enhances the user experience by accelerating tasks that typically cause latency and data validation issues. In many instance, data transfers will be faster due to acceleration performed by SteamWeave® algorithms.