Greatly Reduce Cybersecurity Risks

A Quantum Leap in Cybersecurity

Greatly Reduce Cybersecurity Risks

The StreamWeave Aptiv is a quantum-ready cybersecurity solution that does not require specialized hardware. StreamWeave combines existing encryption approaches that are not necessarily quantum-resistant algorithms, which become so when combined into a multi-algorithm-stream. Different existing encryption algorithms are packaged together with regenerative instructions to create composable (combined and mixed) polymorphic encryption.

  • Multi-stream Security
  • Accelerated Transfers
  • Data Obfuscation
  • Multi-key Security
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Quantum-ready Protection

Whether conducting sensitive financial transactions, business operations, or sharing personal data, StreamWeave® can protect systems and communications from being compromised. StreamWeave® works with text, images, video, audio, markup, and other discrete data types.

No One Way

to algorithmically secure data offers an opportunity to take a new look at encryption that delivers quantum-ready solutions, now and into the future.

Combine and Perumute

enables 19 different (simple to change and add more) encryption algorithms and over 40 variants in a continuously changing weave.

Real-time Transforms

include the ability to reduce the amount of data within a weave, for faster transfers, with the ability to resample data at needed resolutions locally.

Real-time Generation

of machine instructions for security prevents attacks that thwarts single-algorithm approaches by efficiently generating many algorithmic units, that change.

Software Evolved is WantWare

Our focus is on a solution that unlocks your ideas, without anyone (coders) or any thing (e.g. AI that generates code) creating more code. Automobiles, airplanes, and spaceships aren’t better horses. They are different modes of travel, and much more. Expect better outcomes because WantWare enables new modes of computing. Get ready to create at the speed of thought.

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