A Natural Language Dialog System

Bypass Programming Languages

Bypass Programming Languages

Synergy® takes virtual assistants to new levels by adding personalization, agility, engagement, and interoperability. This was made possible by the innovative invention of WantWare, which allows everyone to bypass programming languages. Software evolved is WantWare!

  • Introduction to Synergy
  • Creating, Using, and Modifying Complex Visuals
  • The Value of Computing is Behaviors, not Code
  • Use Your Way of Thinking to Create With Synergy

A Natural Language Dialog System

As the world moves to more voice-based, prompt-based, and coding-assist-based computing platforms, there are significant limitations to the approaches currently being used. Computer languages have always been the bridge between real- world requirements and software solutions. Until now, the bridge was long, and required specialists all along the length of it – just to get devices to do what you wanted them to do.


Learning the users’ way of thinking.


Locally sensing, inferring and acting.


Improving discovery via simple access to behaviors.


Improved support for new devices, platforms and data.

Software Evolved is WantWare

Our focus is on a solution that unlocks your ideas, without anyone (coders) or any thing (e.g. AI that generates code) creating more code. Automobiles, airplanes, and spaceships aren’t better horses. They are different modes of travel, and much more. Expect better outcomes because WantWare enables new modes of computing. Get ready to create at the speed of thought.

Introduction to WantWare – Understanding Scale and Scope of WantWare as a Solution

From Software to WantWare – Learn How Software Becomes WantWare

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