StreamWeave® – A Post-Quantum Computing Tech

StreamWeave® is a method to interleave bit-planes of data transmissions between different senders and receivers to prevent electronic eavesdropping, minimize latencies, and maximize data validation. The results are generally faster and significantly more secure data transfers than single stream methods.

This blog post describes how MindAptiv® can help the world get out ahead of the Quantum Computing threat.

Why care about electronic eavesdropping?

In the Internet age, it is increasingly simple to eavesdrop on email, voice, instant messaging and other methods of communication considered private. To assume that communications between two parties are safe from prying by others is an incorrect assumption.

Why not just use the strongest encryption algorithms available?

Encryption has long been a means to keep data transmissions from being accessed by unintended recipients. However, advances in computing means that encryption techniques are increasingly compromised by hackers of various types (e.g. criminals, state sponsored entities, activists, etc.). This trend will continue until successful preventative measures are available. In fact, a major threat to the most highly used encryption algorithms is eminent. It is called Quantum Computing.

The Race to Quantum Computing

Cryptologists around the world prepare for the successful development of quantum computers. The concern is that this new class of computers will be capable of compromising the most popular public-key encryption algorithms. StreamWeave® is a quantum-resistant technology.

What does StreamWeave® do that other approaches do not?

StreamWeave® leverages our patented approach to generating highly parallelized, auto-tuning, auto-scaling, and auto-synching algorithms. 19 different public-key encryption algorithms [43 variants] are interleaved and permuted. StreamWeave® distributes the resultant bit-stream across a peer-to-peer network.

There are many cryptography research and development projects underway that require major investments in network infrastructure upgrades. Here’s an interesting read on the subject. StreamWeave® does not require specialized hardware. Multiple streams of quantum-resistant algorithms will very likely be better than a single stream.

How does latency and data validation affect the user experience?

Slow downloads, poor voice and video quality, and many tasks associated with providing telecommunications services (such as data validation) have an impact on nearly all users of modern telecommunications. StreamWeave® enhances the user experience by accelerating tasks that typically cause latency and data validation related issues. In many instances, data transfers will be faster due to acceleration performed by StreamWeave® algorithms.

What are common use cases?

Whether conducting sensitive financial transactions, business operations, or sharing personal data, StreamWeave® can protect communications from being compromised by unintended recipients. StreamWeave® works with text, images, video, audio, markup, and other discrete data types.

When combined with the Jewel Web Prism [from MindAptiv], Internet users benefit from new levels of security. illumin8® technology instantly enhances and optimizes web content based on the network and viewing device.

Organizations seeking to protect information increasingly hosted on mobile and IoT devices need StreamWeave®.

In Conclusion:

We look forward to engaging clients and potential strategic partners on the opportunity to get out ahead of quantum computing.

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