How the Essence® Platform Takes Computing to the Next-level

The Essence Platform is a fresh look at how humans instruct machines. The focus of the innovative technologies involved is to enable the world to shift from a code-centered approach to a human-centered approach that accommodates all the ways that humans express intent. Speak, type, gesture, and many other methods to describe real or imaginary worlds. They are all treated as input signals that the Essence Agent processes, maps to a semantically intelligent meaning representation system, so that the Agent can instruct machines to do what is wanted. Thus, the term wantware is used to describe a new process, systems, and methods.

How Does Essence Change Technology Development?

The primary output of the wantware development process is not programming languages compiled into code. It is machine instructions (e.g., binaries, CPU assembly, GPU assembly, compute kernels, shader code, etc.) that can be deleted (like SnapChat messages), often within milliseconds of being generated. Any fixed source code such as blockchains, APIs, drivers, emulators, browser engines, virtual machines, databases, network protocols, firmware, media, and any other supported input type becomes the digital equivalents of Lego® Bricks.

The Essence Agent combines the newly packaged source code with regenerative machine instructions that are designed by the Agent to transform expressed intent into machine behaviors, in real-time. The results are both decentralization and democratization of computing. This is an abundance model.

Value Propositions Beyond Low-code Platforms

Low-code Application Platforms (LCAPs) are mostly either products that allow access to code written by programmers or AI/ML trained to mimic what coders do. Essence enables solutions, such as the many products in our own roadmap, to be developed rapidly and to require far less maintenance than is required by the current software development process. The functionality needed to create an endless number of integrated and adaptive products already exists within the abilities of the Essence Agent.

It totally makes sense once it is understood that wantware is fundamentally about intent translated and transformed into machine instructions, in real-time. The products in development below are just the tip of an enormous iceberg. There’s much more underneath the surface.

Get ready to create at the speed of thought.

Products in Development

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From Software to Wantware – Learn How Software Becomes Wantware

The Essence Platform – Democratizing Web3 and Computing in General

The Essence Aptiv – A New Way to Harden Code by Reducing Code

The Essence Agent – The brains of the Essence Platform

The Essence Powers System – A New Code and Data Packaging System

The Essence Skills System – All the ways that humans interact with WantWare-powered machines

Nebulo® – Translatable data structures for adaptively managing data and code with semantic intelligence

Essence Atoms, a way to map intent to meaning to regenerative machine instructions, not fixed code.

MorpheusTM – A pathway to platform agnostic computing based on platform-specific regenerative machine instructions

Maestro® – Balancing sensory quality in response to latency and user-level choices, in real-time

As we discuss our technology with engineers, we will post answers to their questions on our website.