How to Run the illumin8 App (Downloaded from our Website)?

  1. Upon downloading illumin8, double click the .tgz archive to extract the build.
  2. When first running illumin8, you will be presented with a message saying that the app is from the web, select “Open” to go ahead and launch the application.
  3. On the first run, the app will also ask for permission to use the mic and webcam, granting these permissions allows the app to transform your live webcam feed(s) on the fly.  If no camera/mic is detected these pop-ups will not appear until the build is launched with said devices connected.
  4. After addressing the dialog boxes you will be greeted with the illumin8 home screen.  Congratulations, you are ready to play with this initial version of MindAptiv’s first product!


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  • Gat says:

    I’m running illumin8 on mac using vmware, in windows 10 environment, and it runs extremely slow. what are the base requirements for running illumin8, cpu sped, amount of memory, etc?

    • user says:

      Hi Gerald,

      My apologies for the slow response to your question. The base requirements for illumin8 are certainly higher than desired. We will be releasing a new version in Q2 that will sense the capabilities of the device it is running on and will auto-tune the runtime generated code. The result will be a major drop in base requirements to run illumin8. Please standby for notification of the upcoming release with our “Maestro” technology implemented.

      Thank you for your interest in illumin8.

      Best regards,

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