Pristine machine-level code

Coders make mistakes that hackers exploit.
Meaning-based Agent generated code is error-free.

Obfuscate Code & Data

Fixed targets are easier to hit. The very act of writing code plays right into the hands of hackers. They only need to succeed once. Coders must get it right every time.

Businesses can leverage our patented approach for obfuscating the original code and data. Umbra uses 14 different polymorphic encryption algorithms [in parallel]. This is the equivalent of multiple moving targets with their original purpose obscured.

Multi-algorithm Compression

Use 3 different compression algorithms in parallel for higher efficiency in memory management.


Use 9 different polymorphic encryption algorithms all in parallel.

Process Cacheable Nuggets

Never load the entire program or datasets in memory, making it much harder to compromise IP. This makes both code and data much more secure than conventional or even the latest polymorphic encryption methods.