Protect Digital IP Everywhere

Pristine Regenerative Machine-level Instructions

Protect Digital IP Everywhere

While StreamWeave is designed to protect data and code in transit, the Umbra Aptiv is the equivalent solution to data and code at rest. Umbra is a wantware solution that does not require specialized hardware.

  • Machine Instruction Generation
  • Obfuscation & Encryption
  • Multi-key Security
w/o wantware

Quantum-ready IP Protection

Whether conducting sensitive financial transactions, business operations, or sharing personal data, Umbra® can protect systems and data from being compromised.

No One Way

to algorithmically secure data offers an opportunity to take a new look at encryption that delivers quantum-ready solutions, now and into the future.

Combine and Perumute

enables many different encryption algorithms and variants (simple to change and add more) in a continuously changing weave.

Real-time Transforms

include the ability to generate machine instructions and then obfuscate, compress (with many different algorithms), and/or encrypt source code and data.

Real-time Generation

of machine instructions for security prevents attacks that thwarts single-algorithm approaches by efficiently generating many algorithmic units, that change.

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