As can be seen in our wantware videos, we have done the hardest part needed to create the products in our roadmap and to enable others to build their own wantware products. There remains two key milestones that are necessary to rapidly build, using words, complex software products such as our previously publicized consumer products in the illumin8 Experience Suite and enterprise products (Ditto Maker, Chameleon, StreamWeave, Umbra, Jewel, UnCloak, Nebulo and Xspot).

Members of our team who are not software engineers, will soon begin creating products. Software engineers will begin packaging existing source code like Google’s TensorFlow, and Baidu’s DeepSpeech, new hardware sensors, controllers or storage devices, existing and upcoming network services, and of course anything on a website or coding library, effectively turning them into digital equivalents of Lego® Bricks. These efforts mark the beginning of an era when code becomes hot swappable on demand, while being safely integrated with wantware (generated code from expressed wants).

We look forward to completing these short-duration projects that will enable the evolution of software to wantware.

Software Evolved is Wantware!

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