Revolutionizing Videoconferencing


A large defense contractor has factories around the United States and in several overseas countries. The goal was to lower cost by doing remote maintenance with live video streaming over low connection speeds.


To address these issues, we decided that we would create a new Aptiv made from meaning coordinates.

We created the WarpSpeed Aptiv.


High-quality video streamed

Real-time Adaptive-quality

2G Speeds
Enables Remote Use Cases

We will announce when WarpSpeed is available as a service. Contact us for a solution that goes beyond the simplistic capabilities of low-code approaches. View the video below to see a demonstration of WarpSpeed.

Software Evolved is WantWare

Our focus is on a solution that unlocks your ideas, without anyone (coders) or any thing (e.g. AI that generates code) creating more code. Automobiles, airplanes, and spaceships aren’t better horses. They are different modes of travel, and much more. Expect better outcomes because WantWare enables new modes of computing. Get ready to create at the speed of thought.

Introduction to WantWare – Understanding Scale and Scope of WantWare as a Solution

From Software to WantWare – Learn How Software Becomes WantWare

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