Why Maven

Enabling You to Rapidly and Easily Create

Turn Your Choices Into Machine Behaviors

  • Intro to Maven Controls
  • Customizing a Maven Workspace
  • Real-time Modifying Your Aptiv
  • Making Channels with Maven

Intro to Maven Controls

MindAptiv’s Chief Science Officer & Cofounder, Jake Kolb, demonstrates Maven Controls that access Meaning Coordinates, not code.

Customizing a Maven Workspace

The Maven UI and data are completely customizable with WantWare, not code. Meaning Coordinates enable powerful ways of making the creative process personal.

Real-time Modifying Your Aptiv

MindAptiv’s CSO shows the granular editing of behaviors, without coding or accessing code libraries via Maven.

Making Channels with Maven

Watch as the ability to quickly and easily assign behaviors to an object as a channel is demonstrated.

Software Evolved is WantWare

Our focus is on a solution that unlocks your ideas, without anyone (coders) or any thing (e.g. AI that generates code) creating more code. Automobiles, airplanes, and spaceships aren’t better horses. They are different modes of travel, and much more. Expect better outcomes because WantWare enables new modes of computing. Get ready to create at the speed of thought.

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