A Revolutionary Code Translator

We created Chameleon® to solve a problem [internal to MindAptiv]: the need to translate almost a million lines of code from one programming language (C89) to another (C99/C++). Chameleon® translated our source code in minutes. The source code compiled with zero errors. We also used Chameleon® to rapidly package ~5 million lines of code into a new model for code delivery [see the blog post about Ditto Maker].

We will announce when Chameleon® is available for use by others. Contact us for a solution that goes beyond the simplistic capabilities of low-code approaches. View the video clips below to see demonstrations of Chameleon®.

Chameleon Video 1

Generating and Exporting Code

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Chameleon Video 2

Importing & Stylizing Code

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Chameleon Video 3

The Chameleon® Service – Coming Soon!

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Chameleon Video 4

Translating Natural Languages – Coming Soon!

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