Enabling Machines to Adapt to Humans

Our approach, called Semantic Intelligence (SI), is the next generation of computer technology empowering anyone to more easily control what every class of computer device does. Our software platform generates functional code on-the-fly that matches user intent.

While AI focuses on teaching machines how to independently perform tasks that are intuitive to humans, SI augments the creative potential and broad problem solving skills of humans. Users often know what they want but the challenge is getting machines to do it.

SI Breakthroughs

MindAptiv has made major advances in the way everyone creates and interacts with software. Here are just a few of the techologies contained within every upcoming product MindAptiv will bring to market.

  • Synergy logoNatural Language Dialog
  • Qcode logoReal-time Parallelized Code Generation
  • illumin8 logoReal-time Visual Enhancement
  • Maven logoDynamic User Interfaces

Soon you will tell any machine what you want, however you want to say it, and the machine will just do what you want it to do, safely and securely.

Software is about to become “wantware”.

MindAptiv will transform the business world more significantly than the invention of the computer itself.
— Thomas Frey, Futurist Speaker

Our Story

Founding of MindAptiv

Began creating the Essence® Platform, which is the foundation for our vision of enabling the world to create at the speed of thought. Essence® enables the majority of exceptionally parallel code to be generated at runtime and not written by humans. Delivering the Essence® Platform to the world, with all of its game-changing potential, has been our plan from the beginning.


Digital Stream Processing

Started leveraging Essence® to produce solutions which benefit from parallel processing such as digital stream processing. The initial solution was a real-time video image object detection and isolation solution which doesn't require a green screen. MindAptiv's new approach to video processing, a formula processor, turns a digital stream into objects which are stored and described such that they can be highly compressed, composited with separate video streams or objects, simultaneously altered to add effects and optimized for lighting, color matching and enhancement, all in real-time. While refining this solution it became clear that our unique approach to video processing was critical to integrate into the core of the Essence® Platform.



Our formula processor technology is fully integrated into the core of the Essence® Platform. Under contracts with two Fortune 500 clients, advanced computer vision and adaptive video conferencing were added to the Essence® feature set. In the first case, the formula processor was configured to demonstrate a breakthrough approach to machine learning. It was used to learn and recognize (with 100% accuracy) very expensive medical instruments. A low cost off the shelf 720p webcam and a single computer produced the desired results in seconds, while requiring under 100 sample frames. Applying the formula processor to video conferencing exceeded the expectations of our client by streaming video from an HD webcam in Milan, Italy to Fort Worth, Texas at dial-up speeds. Small print on a circuit board remained visible at HD quality. This proved our ability to provide high quality video in low bandwidth situations. Both cases are indicators of exciting new possibilities in numerous applications, including our upcoming launch of our illumin8® product in app stores.


Bridging Past & Future Computing

Added a natural language dialog system to the Essence® Platform which enables us to create or modify applications by speaking or typing naturally. We also added a platform bridge that enables rapid scaling of software development using a powerful new approach to integrating 3rd party code. We are currently adding cross-platform interoperability and a dynamic user interface creator.


Imagine. Describe. Create.

The Semantic Intelligence Era Is Approaching...