A new class of human-centered software
that allows anyone to create, understand, tweak, and edit machine behaviors without writing code.


Uses Semantic Intelligence (SI) to enable anyone to create software for macOS and soon Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, the web, and other platforms, with ordinary language.

Instead of taking weeks  or months to create apps, create and release your product in hours or days.

Other low-code/no-code approaches focus on matching choices to pre-written code or translating English into programming languages. While this is a great first step, it will take you longer to build your app and you will be limited in your design and functional choices.

Wantware improves the performance of existing code/low-code/no-code solutions. You can also use it as a standalone solution that is unconstrained by current walled-gardens.

The underlying 10-stage Wantware process

Speak | Type | Drag-n-drop

We map any language, human or machine, to meaning-units through a behind the scenes 10-step process that is transparent and explainable. Users from the highly-technical to the non-technical can understand, tweak, edit, and create software.

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AI/ML is about letting machines loose to solve problems. Wantware is about letting your team loose.

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No matter where you are, Wantware is about letting your ideas loose, with or without access to the Cloud.

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6 Reasons Humanity Needs Wantware |

6 Reasons Humanity Needs Wantware

6 Reasons Humanity Needs Wantware

The Gem

A new generation of highly-sustainable computers

Combining a modular, attachable, and simple to scale computer design with software that let’s anyone describe, train, and use AI

Gem Clustering

Easily combine/unify Gems and they act as one machine to improve speed, quality, and capabilities for you, while consuming less energy and requiring less space. No engineering required.

Reduce Cost

Largely eliminate  data and power cables with an 8-way interconnect plate. Reduce maintenance costs by generating auto-tuning, auto-scaling, and auto-synching error-free code.

Wantware Inside

A new technology that has two purposes; 1) Make hardware run faster, more efficiently, and sustainably; and 2) Create software based on what you want your Gem to do. Software evolved is wantware!

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Redefining Sustainability, Scalability, & Accessibility in Computing


Making scaling hardware and software so easy that anyone can do it.

Combining Gems opens up a world of possibilities.

Reimagine the future from the cloud to the home and everywhere in-between, with a computer that can easily scale everything that it does to meet changing needs. Simply attach more Gems to support the simplest to the most complex use cases. No IT knowledge required. The code inside will instantly be redesigned to optimally utilize available resources without an engineer to tune them.

The power of a Gem with wantware inside

Recreating an app in 45 minutes

1000s of lines of code vs. 100 lines of natural language

The Original App

Our Recreated App

1. Intro to Recreating Apps With Words

2. Creating an App From Scratch

[Explainer Version]

3. Creating an App With Words

[Step-by-step Version]

4. Apps From Spoken Words

Click here for the raw words used to recreate a popular basketball scoreboard app with less than 100 lines of words

1) Outside Add Section called RULES hidden.
2) Inside Define PTS as a small number called FG3 set to 3 align center as a menuitem.
3) Add PTS called FG2 set to 2.
4) Add PTS called FT1 set to 1.
5) Add small number called PERIOD range 1 to 4 with wrap.
6) Add number called POSS range 1 to 2 with wrap.

// TOP

7) Outside add a panel window upper 2/3s
8) Let’s make a program called \”SCOREBOARD\” aligned center, tiny.


8) Outside Add a tiny SPACE called LEFT_PAD in layout box on newline.
9) Outside Add a huge Section called HomeSpace in layout box.
10) Inside Explain MYPANEL as panel text fill
11) Explain TXT_BIG as a medium word called Home as header aligned to center, Font Normal, detail normal.
12) Define 88_BIG as huge text named 88 with Font LCD FADE in the body just name, align center.
13) Explain SCORE_BIG as huge number set to 0 named HOME_SCORE with Font LCD Red ontop just number, leading zero, align center.
14) Outside Add a huge container called TimeSpace in widebox.
15) Inside add a MYPANEL
16) Make a TXT_BIG called Time.
17) Add 88_BIG named \”88:88\”.
18) Add a SCORE_BIG timer called TIME_LEFT set to 12 minutes with Font LCD Yellow body, align center.
19) Outside Add a huge container called AwaySpace in layout box.
20) Inside MYPANEL
21) Add a TXT_BIG called Away.
22) Another 88_BIG
23) Add a SCORE_BIG named AWAY_SCORE.


24) Outside Add a tiny padding called LINE_PAD in layout row.
25) Add a Medium SPACE in layout extrawide newline.
26) Now let’s define QTR as a small Switch in layout box named P1.Show when PERIOD equals 1.
27) Another QTR called P2 Switch when PERIOD equals 2.
28) Add MD triangle left called Home_Poss in layout box on when POSS equals 1.


29) Now a large container called ShotSpace.
30) Inside MYPANEL
31) Explain TXT_LIL as a tiny word called Shot as header aligned to center, Font Normal, detail normal.
32) Define 88_LIL as large text named 88 with Font LCD FADE in the body just name, align center.
33) Put a large Countdown called SHOT_CLOCK set to 35 seconds leading zero with Font LCD Red ontop.
34) Outside Add a MD triangle right called Away_Poss in layout box. On when POSS equals 2.
35) Add QTR called P3 Switch when PERIOD equals 3.
36) Final QTR called P4 when PERIOD equals 4.
37) Outside Add a XL SPACE called LINE_PAD in layout row newline.


38) Outside Add a medium SPACE called LEFT_PAD in layout box newline.
39) Outside add a large section in layout box.
40) Inside MYPANEL
41) Add TXT_LIL called Foul.
42) Add 88_LIL.
43) Explain SCORE_LIL as large number named HOME_FOUL set to 0 with Font LCD Red ontop just number, leading zero, align center.
44) Outside add large section as layout box.
45) Inside MYPANEL
46) Add TXT_LIL called TOL.
47) Add 88_LIL named 8.
48) Add SCORE_LIL called HOME_TOL just num set to 3 range 0 to 3 wrap.
49) Outside Add a medium SPACE in layout box.
50) Outside add large section as layout box.
51) Inside MYPANEL
52) Add TXT_LIL called Player.
53) Add 88_LIL.
54) Outside add large section as layout box.
55) Inside MYPANEL
56) Add TXT_LIL called Fouls.
57) Add 88_LIL.


58) Outside Add a medium SPACE in layout box.
59) Outside add large section as layout box.
50) Inside MYPANEL
61) Add TXT_LIL called TOL.
62) Add 88_LIL named 8.
63) Add SCORE_LIL called AWAY_TOL just num set to 3 range 0 to 3 wrap.
64) Outside add large section as layout box.
65) Inside MYPANEL
66) Add TXT_LIL called Foul.
67) Add 88_LIL.
68) Add SCORE_LIL called AWAY_FOUL.
69) Outside Add Firework called BOOM fill secret.


70) Outside add a panel darkmode in grid 3×3 at 8.
71) Define MENU as tiny text called HOME Font normal align center detail name as menubar. On press increment POSS.
72) Add PTS name +1 on newline. On press increment HOME_SCORE.
73) Add PTS name +2. On press grow HOME_SCORE by FG2.
74) Add PTS name +3. On press grow HOME_SCORE by FG3.
75) Add name Foul Increments HOME_FOUL.
76) Add name Timeout decrements HOME_TOL.
77) Add another panel dark in 3×3 at 7.
78) Another MENU called CLOCKS as menubar On press increment PERIOD.
79) Add small name \”Timer Start\” pauses TIME_LEFT as menuitem show just name.
80) Add name \”Timer Reset\” restarts TIME_LEFT.
81) Add name \”Shot Start\” pauses SHOT_CLOCK.
82) Add name \”Shot Reset\” restarts SHOT_CLOCK.
83) Now a panel dark at 3×3 at 6.
84) A final MENU label AWAY as menubar On press increment POSS.
85) Add PTS name +1 on newline. On press increase AWAY_SCORE by FT1.
86) Add PTS name +2. On press grow AWAY_SCORE by FG2.
87) Add PTS name +3. On press grow AWAY_SCORE by FG3.
88) Add name Foul Increments AWAY_FOUL.
89) Add name Timeout decrements AWAY_TOL.
90) Add tiny text when SHOT_CLOCK is equal to 0. hide!
91) Then play buzzer.
92) Add tiny text when AWAY_SCORE is greater than HOME_SCORE by 10.
93) Then add text named \”Booooh Away Team Boo, Boo, Boo\” and say with Oliver voice.

//then text name \”Show Fire\” and reveal IGNITE.

94) then text name \”Show Fireworks\” and conceal BOOM.
95) If HOME_SCORE is greater than AWAY_SCORE by 5
96) Then add text sayin \”Well done Go Home Team\”. speak with Veena voice.
97) then text name \”Show Fireworks\” and reveal BOOM.
98) Then play Cheers.

Use Cases & Products

The products below are about walking the talk. Every one of them is made from wantware (natural language into semantic units into self-optimizing generated code). Software evolved is wantware!


The world’s first Wantware-Powered Browser that unifies the web, desktop, IoT, all the world’s data, languages, and crypto currencies.

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Connecting people and communities around the world, with high-resolution video and audio over low-speed connections.

Learn More


A new generation of video & photo editing software that combines many different AI algorithms to deliver a wide range of quality & creativity options.

Learn More

i8 Plus

Enhanced real-time editing of videos/live cameras/photos/stellar data from space/etc. with zero pixelization viewing & printing & real-time visual transforms.

Learn More

i8 Reduce

When size matters, reduce file sizes and data transfers without sacrificing quality. i8 Reduce provides a new level of efficiency for a growing list of media types.

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i8 Restore

Some moments should last forever. i8 Restore is a new tool that can roll back time, letting your family savor those special moments for generations to come.

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GemTM (Basic)

The first green modular computer that is simple to combine/unify to meet changing needs. The AI-powered OS inside makes it a computer made for the 21ST century.

Learn More

GemTM Pro

Designed for the prosumer, the Gem Pro will have higher performance capabilities and an SDK for creating a new generation of no code/low code software products.

Learn More

GemTM Super

Enables building the greenest and most powerful conventional computing systems at lower cost, space, energy, and maintenance costs.

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The Technology Inside the Gem

Pivotal Innovation

3 solutions to choose from for alignment with your business needs. Essence technology is designed to address legacy, current and future computing needs.

Learn More


A new approach to computing that combines human expressed wants with semantic units to generate highly efficient machine-level code in real-time.

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Essence ElementsTMe2

A new curated semantic unit ontology for mapping meaning to machine behaviors. e2 has been refined over 7 years to cover the fullness of what computing can do.

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3 Essence Solutions

New set of options for modernizing legacy systems, adding powerful software to existing platforms, and transcending legacy computing.

Learn More

A Deeper Dive

As we discuss our technology with engineers, we will post answers to their questions on our website. We look forward to sharing more about our approach.

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Past, Present, Future

3 Solutions for improvements in current legacy code, current generation platforms, and delivering the era of computing when computers are much more like appliances.

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The Democratization of Computing

We’ve done the heavy lifting, which involves patented transformative breakthroughs in software, including AI. If you or your company would like to partner with us, please Contact Us.

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