Software Evolved is Wantware

There are almost 8 billion people in the world. Less than one percent of us have the knowledge and skills to create software. The Essence® Platform offers an exciting new opportunity to provide real-world economic value to humanity [much like the invention of modern modes of travel have done].

Wantware [human wants expressed as real-time machine behaviors] provides everyone [instead of a select few] with ways to access/use/train/play-with/make-money-from/solve-problems with AI.

Get ready to… create at the speed of thought®.

The Essence® Platform

The Gem Modular Computer

[Currently under development]

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HPC AnywhereTM Initiative

Changing the Shape of Computing

The most efficient shape in nature, the hexagon, doesn’t just make sense for human red blood cell membranes or bee hives. It’s also the most efficient way to align computers. At MindAptiv, we’re now developing what we believe are the most efficient and scalable computers for now and into future.

The Gem modular computer is about delivering high performance computing (HPC) anywhere. Get ready to… create at the speed of thought.

A Bridge Between the Past and the Future

We committed 3 years to building a suite of tools that enables everyone to leverage the billions of lines of code that coders have already created, while delivering the world changing benefits of Wantware. It’s about putting the value of computing where it belongs… on what the machine does, not the code.

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Creativity Unleashed

The illumin8® Experience Suite is a new generation of apps that adaptively deliver media quality and creative editing features. Instead of being largely [fixed] packages of software written by coders, they contain mostly plain English expressions of wants. Code generated [in real-time] to satisfy the wants of designers and users is not composed [primarily] of pre-written code. We call the combination of wants and generated code, WantWare.

Our breakthrough AI generates code [that it deletes when done using it] for practically every aspect of user interfaces (UI), features, and user experiences (UX). That allows experiences to be optimized and customized for what the app developer and individual user wants to happen, and the available computing resources. Download the i8 Experience Suite apps to unleash your creativity.

Software Evolved is WantWare…

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