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Enabling a Future Beyond Software

Enabling a Future Beyond Software

In 2011, we, Ken Granville & Jake Kolb, embarked on a journey and founded MindAptiv with a crystal-clear vision: Shaping a future where machine instruction is intuitive, secure, and limitless; democratizing computing for all.

The bridge between human intentions and machine behaviors necessitates a transformation from the ground up, especially in the realm of computing and how machine instructions are conceived, delivered, integrated, and maintained. Enter wantware, an avant-garde alternative and augmentation to traditional software, acting not just as a tool but an ecosystem where machine instructions and human interactions harmonize seamlessly.

🚀 Our Mission: To transcend traditional software constraints, unleashing the true power of wantware for boundless innovation. We invite you to accompany us on this transformative journey, enabling better outcomes for humanity.

Imagine a World Unbridled by Code

With a global populace surpassing 8 billion, a mere 30 million are programmers, skillfully navigating the intricate realm of code. Just think of the multitude of ideas, inventions, and innovations imprisoned within the confines of technical know-how.

Embracing a Future of Boundless Possibilities

Our enthusiasm for the forthcoming era of computing is boundless. We foresee a trajectory that promises to unveil the most monumental breakthroughs in global diversity since the Internet’s inception.

🚀 Get Ready to: Create at the Speed of Thought

Together, let’s transcend traditional boundaries, crafting a future where creativity and innovation are not stifled by code but liberated by wantware.


Ken Granville & Jake Kolb Co-Founders of MindAptiv