Who are we?

Founded in 2011, MindAptiv® has a vision to enable the world to “create at the speed of thought®.” To achieve this outcome, the foundations of computing [creating software in particular] must be changed so there is a bridging of the gap between human intentions and machine behaviors.

There are nearly 7.5 billion people in the world and only ~18 million programmers writing code. Imagine all of the ideas that are trapped. To set ideas free, humanity needs tools that make it easy to understand the essence of things [computing devices, inputs, output, data, real world objects and their behaviors] within a computing environment.

After nearly 8 years of research and development, MindAptiv® is ready to unveil Essence® to the world via an inaugural product, illumin8® [download the Mac OS X version here], and the methodology used to create it as seen in the video clips on our revolutionary approach to creating machine behaviors [here].

Our “Problems and Solutions” pages focus on challenges in the field of artificial intelligence. However, our patented Semiotic Intelligence approach applies to every area of computing.

We are excited about the future of computing. We see a clear path towards delivering the biggest breakthroughs in global diversity since the creation of the Internet.

Get Ready to: Create at the Speed of Thought®
Ken Granville & Jake Kolb
Cofounders of MindAptiv®

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