A Historical View

For most of human history, literacy was considered unachievable for most people. Primarily limited to men, it was found among clergy, aristocrats, government officials, academics, merchants, and the wealthy. In the year 1800 a mere 12.1% of the world was able to read and write, among those who were exposed to education.

In 2023, 86.3% of the global population are literate. When compared to the less than 1% of people who are literate in programming languages, the problem of enabling humans to instruct machines as easily as we use human languages is profoundly significant. The potential consequence is a vast amount of ideas and possible solutions to problems are trapped.

At MindAptiv, we believe that the ability to instruct machines is not a literacy problem. It is a universal meaning translation problem. You know what you mean and can express it in at least one human language. The key to enabling every human is to translate expressed meaning into what machines do. So we created wantware for enabling all of humanity, not just the few who are literate in programming languages.

Wantware is not software…

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