A Powerful New Way to Package Code

A New Human Ability for Instructing Machines

A New Human Ability for Instructing Machines

We created Power Aptivs because we are committed to making actions by machines as easy to grab and use as Lego® Bricks, with the confidence and trust that they will just work together. We also believe that less wasteful software is an essential element for creating a more sustainable world. Read about causes of software melt here.

  • Power Aptiv Types
  • Power Aptiv Brands
  • Power Aptiv Actions
  • Power Aptiv Categories

Contrasts: Power Aptivs Made from Adaptive-Actions vs Directive-Actions

  • Real-time generated machine instructions vs compiled language
  • Outlined/described-expression vs implemented/fixed-expression
  • Many levels-of-detail/knowledge vs one programming language level of detail/knowledge

Security Factors

Limited Access – Only the agent.wantverse can access Power Aptivs. They are isolated from any other system resource making them protected from all known security exploits.

Post-quantum Encryption – Many different algorithms, including homomorphic encryption, are permuted. A large number of encryption keys are generated, in real-time. Newly approved post-quantum algorithms can be added to the weave of algorithms.

Semantically Intelligent Access Control – Access-Rights can be described by the Owner for reading, changing ( writing ), cloning, erasing, and even “knowing the name” of any Content, whether inert data or dynamic behaviors.

Big Wins for the Open-source Movement

Power Aptivs are certified packages of code combined with Meaning Coordinates for meaning representation, which allows developers and users to know what the intent of code is and to limit what can be done with it.

Power Aptivs are inserted into memory on-demand and removed after they are used. This provides a big advantage over approaches that load code into memory at boot up, wasting memory and making code vulnerable to security exploits.

Real-time monitoring is built-in and is able to detect when Power Aptivs have been altered and takes action to prevent unauthorized actions from being executed.

Power Aptivs are post-quantum encrypted and isolated from anything else in the system, which increases the ability to trust that a given Power Aptiv is hardened against exploits.

Power Aptivs are adaptive when code is excluded and Meaning Coordinates are used to generate machine code.

Power Aptivs are easily combined (e.g. security/encryption Power Aptivs combined with Power Aptivs for video processing).

Consider what this approach means for the billions of lines of code in open-source libraries and trillions of lines of legacy code in operational systems. The term “open” becomes the reality when the 99% of the people in the world who don’t know how to code can safely make their own solutions to problems. Power Aptivs enable better software solutions for better outcomes for all of humanity.

Primary Benefits of Power Aptivs

Composable – a way to easily mix and combine source code, like Lego Bricks, in real-time. Any source code can become fully integrated into the runtime experience, in a trust-verified way, which goes well beyond the ability of APIs to pass communications between applications.

Transformable – combine Power Aptivs with a large and growing number of real-time transforms made from ephemeral regenerative machine instructions that are automatically tuned, synced and scaled.

Self-optimizing – regenerative machine instructions (assembly for CPUs and GPUs, computer kernels, shader, etc.) are self-optimized (both serial and parallel executable jobs) for performance, quality, energy efficiency, network latency, and adapting to choices at the user-level

Modularity – organized into 64 categories with 8 families and 8 subsystems that are compressed (using multi-stage compression). Unlike software containers, different versions of Power Aptivs can coexist and be applied on-demand, within the same space.

Trust-certified – unit tested, context constrained, authenticated (code-signed), and runtime verified for a new level of security and trust.

Hot-swappable – move Power Aptivs in/out of memory for efficient use of resources and improved security.

Example: Packaging and processing a new device driver.


Source Code Packaging

The new driver is packaged as binaries for each supported platform (e.g., Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows).


Source Code Processing

The Power Aptiv on the host device processes the binaries, hot swapping them in/out of memory on-demand.


Live Updating & Coexistence

Updating and adding new Power Aptivs does not require reboots. Different versions of features can coexist, giving users unprecedented control.


(Used by Engineers to create Power Aptivs)

  • Unit Testing
  • Qualified Compiling
  • Post-quantum encryption
  • Multi-stage compression
  • Code-signing
  • Security Hardening
  • Runtime Verification
  • Integrated Behaviors

3 Key Takeaways About Power Aptivs:

  • Making Power Aptivs – Coders combine Source Code, Meaning Coordinates, Ideas, Proofs-of-Trust(intent), Proofs-of-Performance(resource-management), and Ownership/Access-Rights to create Power Aptivs. Ideally, Power Aptivs are created with as little source code as possible to reduce rigidity.
  • Runtime Loading and Verification of Power Aptivs – Every WantWare product/Aptiv loads the Guard Power Aptivs and in turn, multiple other Power Aptivs are loaded to verify Proof-of-Trust, Proof-of-Performance, and Ownership/Access-Rights.
  • Accessing Power Aptivs – Once a Power Aptiv has been created and made available for use in a marketplace (MindAptiv’s or Partner Marketplaces), it can be easily selected and combined to create WantWare experiences. Any code can become far easier to maintain and use, less wasteful (hot-swappable code), support a higher level of trust that code will function as intended, as well as being less vulnerable to security exploits.

Software Evolved is WantWare

Our focus is on a solution that unlocks your ideas, without anyone (coders) or any thing (e.g. AI that generates code) creating more code. Automobiles, airplanes, and spaceships aren’t better horses. They are different modes of travel, and much more. Expect better outcomes because WantWare enables new modes of computing. Get ready to create at the speed of thought.

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