How Essence Takes Computing to the Next Level

Platform Agnostic Computing With Essence

Platform Agnostic Computing With Essence

Essence represents a paradigm shift in digital integration, providing a revolutionary solution. It transcends conventional barriers to interoperability by harnessing the power of intent-driven computing, enabling seamless communication and collaboration across diverse platforms and technologies. Unlike traditional approaches reliant on predefined protocols or extensive standardization, Essence adapts dynamically, offering unparalleled adaptability, security, and efficiency. This platform-agnostic approach serves as the cornerstone for creating a more connected, resilient, and innovative digital world, empowering businesses to thrive amidst technological evolution.

Innovative Architecture and Streamlined Efficiency

The architecture of Essence significantly streamlines the software development and deployment process, contributing to its remarkably small footprint—often under one megabyte for each operating system. This efficiency is achieved through a sophisticated mechanism that generates binaries from Aptivs, which are either enriched with meaning coordinates or created in response to live inputs. These binaries adaptively instruct computing machines at the most granular component level, ensuring precise and dynamic task execution.

What is an Aptiv?

An “Aptiv” is how Essence stores and manages data and code, detailing who can use it, how it’s protected, and its capabilities. Unlike traditional apps or APIs that are created using programming languages, Aptivs can encapsulate APIs, containers, and microservices, transforming them into enhanced packages of code that are not confined by platform-specific constraints.

Enhanced Adaptability and Efficiency

Essence employs a hot-swapping technique for Aptivs that encapsulate any necessary directive or fixed code, allowing for real-time exchange within the system’s memory. This facilitates the seamless introduction of new functionalities or adjustment of existing ones without downtime. This dynamic approach not only optimizes resource utilization but also significantly reduces the software’s size, as only the required Aptivs are loaded into memory at any given time.

Achieving Flexibility and Efficiency

By generating binaries from Aptivs, Essence achieves a level of flexibility and efficiency that distinguishes it from traditional software models. This process ensures Essence can deliver a compact, powerful, and highly adaptable solution capable of meeting the diverse needs of modern computing environments. Through the innovative use of meaning coordinates and strategic hot swapping of Aptivs, Essence rearchitects how software interacts with and controls computing hardware, paving the way for a new era of efficient, responsive, and intelligent digital solutions.

Empowering 100% of Humanity


Why Bypassing Programming Languages Is Important

Programming languages, while essential for traditional computing, often create barriers to universal technology adoption. Essence, through its use of meaning coordinates, allows for the translation of human intent directly into machine actions without the intermediary of complex code. This shift not only makes technology more accessible but also significantly reduces the vulnerabilities associated with conventional programming, such as those exploited by botnets and other cyber threats.

Global Literacy and Technology Access

With Essence, the ability to interact with technology is no longer limited to those who understand programming languages. Instead, it aligns with the natural human capability to express meaning, making advanced computing accessible to a broader audience and fostering a truly inclusive digital world.

By redefining the foundations of computing, Essence not only addresses the immediate needs of software development but also lays the groundwork for future innovations that will continue to transform the digital landscape.

Global Literacy

Human Languages

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Programming Languages

Meaning Representation

How Does Wantware Change Technology Development?

The ability to reduce the amount of code made from programming languages (either by coders or AI), is a new opportunity to return to the fundamentals of computing. This is the result of first principles thinking by MindAptiv’s Chief Science Officer/Co-founder, John J. Kolb V. It involved breaking down assumptions around instructing machines.

Here’s a sample from a video game that was created with wantware. The output:

  1. Binary code generated by converting Meaning Coordinates
  2. Hexadecimal code equivalents of Meaning Coordinates
  3. Meaning Coordinates matching expressed wants
  4. Matched Meaning Coordinates and Hexadecimal Code
Example: Game Play from Wantware - Page 1
Example: Game Play from Wantware - Page 2
Example: Game Play from Wantware - Page 3
Example: Game Play from Wantware - Page 4
Example: Game Play from WantWare - Page 1
Example: Game Play from WantWare - Page 2
Example: Game Play from WantWare - Page 3
Example: Game Play from WantWare - Page 4

Value Propositions Beyond Low-code Platforms

Low-code Application Platforms (LCAPs) are mostly either products that allow access to code written by programmers or AI/ML trained to mimic what coders do. Wantware enables solutions, such as the many products in our own roadmap, to be developed rapidly and to require far less maintenance than is required by the current software development process. The functionality needed to create an endless number of integrated and adaptive products already exists within the abilities of Essence.

Software Redefined is Wantware

No matter what the code-based software solution is, elevate it with wantware.

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