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Beyond Hieroglyphics to Breakthrough Innovation

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At first glance, the symbols representing Meaning Coordinates might evoke memories of ancient hieroglyphics—mysterious, arcane, and steeped in symbolism. However, this visual similarity belies a deep technological innovation that sets these coordinates apart from any form of language or coding system known before. This blog post explores the profound capabilities and the transformative potential of Meaning Coordinates, demonstrating why they are more than mere symbols.

Meaning Coordinates as Glyphs
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Basics of a Digital Calculator

The video above shows an early version of Essence that we used to create the basics of a calculator application. Despite the unrefined appearance, we demonstrate the wantware process of:

Your Words

Machine Replies

You Validate

Assembly Instructions

Machine Behaviors

In comparison, here’s a link to a “Calculator” in Apple’s Swift programming language: https://swift.org/blog/swift-on-windows/ as 9 Swift modules (255,739 Swift lines of code, 2,133 source files). Our version is codeless and requires a few lines of words. With wantware, a fully functional and refined version would require only hundreds of lines of words, generate self-optimizing assembly code by sensing the operating environment, execute it, and then delete it. No code based on programming languages is referenced or produced. There’s nothing to hack, maintain, or integrate. The possibilities for codeless applications are endless. When code is present, Meaning Coordinates provide the means to define, monitor, and control code behaviors, elevating the quality, security, and trust in software.

Understanding Meaning Coordinates

Meaning Coordinates are not just visual symbols; they are the core of a sophisticated system designed to bridge the gap between human intent and precise machine execution. Unlike traditional programming languages that require extensive coding, Meaning Coordinates allow for the direct translation of human intentions into machine-readable formats.

  1. Semantic Depth and Precision: Each Meaning Coordinate encapsulates a rich layer of semantic information, akin to an element in the periodic table in chemistry. Just as the periodic table allows scientists to predict the behavior of chemical elements and their compounds, Meaning Coordinates enable the prediction and control of machine behavior with unprecedented precision. This precision is crucial for advancing areas like AI, where clarity and accuracy in machine understanding are paramount.
  2. From Visual Simplicity to Complex Functionality: The simplicity of the glyphs used in Meaning Coordinates might seem primitive at first, but this simplicity masks a complex functionality. Each glyph is a distillation of complex ideas into a universal semantic code, allowing for seamless interaction across different languages and systems. This transcends traditional barriers in software development, providing a universal platform for innovation.
  3. Operational Transparency and Control: Meaning Coordinates offer a new level of operational transparency and control in software development. By mapping human concepts directly to machine operations, they eliminate the layers of abstraction and misunderstanding that often plague traditional coding practices. This transparency is not only crucial for debugging and development but also for ensuring the ethical deployment of AI technologies.
  4. Generating Machine Instructions and Defining Behaviors: Meaning Coordinates enable two types of actions: they are used to generate machine instructions (adaptive-actions) without source code or to define and constrain the behaviors of source code (directive-actions). This functionality allows for the real-time creation of dynamic, context-aware actions in machines, reducing reliance on predefined code paths and enhancing the adaptiveness and efficiency of technology solutions. By providing these two modes of operation, Meaning Coordinates support a wide range of applications, from fully automated systems that operate independently of traditional programming to systems that enhance and regulate existing code for better performance, interoperability, and security.

The Misconception of Primitiveness

The comparison to hieroglyphics, while visually apt, is misleading in terms of technological sophistication. Hieroglyphics were an early form of writing that combined logographic and alphabetic elements, which were limited to the communication of ideas within the constraints of language and medium. In contrast, Meaning Coordinates are a dynamic, adaptable system designed for the digital age, capable of expressing and executing complex computational processes directly.

Empowering Innovations

The real power of Meaning Coordinates lies in their ability to empower users at all levels—from seasoned developers to those without any programming experience. By democratizing the process of software creation, Meaning Coordinates pave the way for a new era of digital literacy and creativity. They enable a more intuitive interaction with technology, where users can “program” through natural language or even visual interfaces.

A Common Greeting in Meaning Coordinates

The graphic above shows how a common greeting “We hope you have a happy New Year” is represented in Meaning Coordinates. The ability to precisely represent the meaning of the greeting in any language is possible because of the semantic features of Meaning Coordinates. The mappings between the expressed greeting and the corresponding Meaning Coordinates is automated and validated by the user through Natural Language Dialogue. This enables a major leap towards universal communication (read about universal communication for the web and beyond here) and the ability to create software for an endless amount of use cases (i.e. digital assets, digital twins, video games, enterprise and consumer applications, transactions of any type).


As we move forward, it’s crucial to look beyond the initial visual impressions of Meaning Coordinates and recognize their role as a cornerstone of modern computational technology. Just as the Rosetta Stone was key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics, Meaning Coordinates are essential for unlocking the full potential of our interactions with machines and a much larger number of people in the world. They are not a regression to ancient communication forms but a significant leap toward a future where technology truly understands and executes human intent with precision and clarity.

In addition to the downloadable PDF document above, learn more about Meaning Coordinates by reading the 8-part series, “Understanding Meaning Coordinates: The Building Blocks of Wantware” here.