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Are you ready to explore how artificial intelligence can transcend its current boundaries? This series delves into the dynamic interplay between traditional AI methodologies and the innovative framework of wantware using Meaning Coordinates. Our journey begins with the “Superset Approach,” illustrating not a replacement but an enhancement of neural networks, integrating them within a broader operational context to address real-world challenges like never before.

Series Outline:

  • Part 1: The Foundations of AI and Wantware
    • Introducing the basic concepts of neural networks in AI.
    • Overview of wantware, Meaning Coordinates, and the initiation of the “Superset Approach.”
  • Part 2: Operational Models – Code-Driven vs. Intent-Driven
    • Detailed exploration of how neural networks operate using vast data and statistical methods.
    • Discussion on how wantware employs Meaning Coordinates to interpret and execute user intent directly, and how it serves as a superset to traditional models.
  • Part 3: Enhanced Applications – Synergies Between Neural Networks and Wantware
    • Comparing of the rigidity of neural networks with the flexibility of Wantware in adapting to new scenarios without extensive retraining, highlighting the “Superset Approach” in action.
    • Examples of real-time adaptability in wantware.
  • Part 4: Enhancing Human Capabilities
    • How neural networks aim to automate processes versus wantware’s goal to augment human intelligence, reflecting the ethos of the “Superset Approach.”
    • Wantware’s enhancement of human capabilities without replacing them, using neural networks as a tool within its arsenal.
  • Part 5: Ethical Considerations and Future Implications
    • Examination of ethical issues in AI, including bias and decision-making opacity, and how the “Superset Approach” addresses these concerns.
    • Wantware’s methodology for maintaining transparency and control with users, leveraging neural networks responsibly.
  • Part 6: Beyond the Algorithm – Hypothetical Future Applications
    • Exploration of hypothetical use cases for wantware that go beyond the applications discussed in Part 3.
    • Discussion on the potential for wantware to transform various industries and societal functions through innovative use cases.
    • Emphasis on how these hypothetical scenarios complement and expand upon the established applications, showcasing the breadth and potential of the “Superset Approach.”


  • A summarization of key points discussed throughout the series.
  • Final thoughts on the strategic importance of integrating traditional AI models with wantware to create robust, flexible, and ethical technological solutions.

This series will provide a comprehensive understanding of how wantware, empowered by Meaning Coordinates and the “Superset Approach,” not only differentiates itself from traditional AI models but sets a new standard for technology that respects and enhances human intent and capabilities.

Overview  |  Conclusion

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