Codeless Abilities

Software Redefined is Wantware

What is Wantware?

In a world driven by software, MindAptiv introduces a revolutionary shift towards a codeless future with Wantware. Unlike traditional applications that rely on complex coding, Wantware uses Aptivs—a blend of “aptitude” and “activity” to transform how we interact with digital environments. Aptivs harness Meaning Coordinates to define actions and permissions, ensuring intuitive use, enhanced security, and full customization without the intricacies of programming languages.

Why Choose Aptivs?

Aptivs redefine interaction between humans and machines, offering adaptability, simplicity, and performance at unprecedented levels:

  • Human-centered Design: Aptivs understand user intentions directly, facilitating a seamless digital interaction.
  • Zero Stack Development: Deploy solutions rapidly across any platform without the need for traditional development stacks.
  • Platform Agnostic: Operate across any digital environment, ensuring futureproof and flexible solutions.
  • Quantum-ready Security: Advanced security protocols anticipate future computing trends, providing robust protection against evolving threats.
  • Unmatched Interoperability: Seamless integration across diverse systems and software.
  • Sustainability Built-in: Drive operations with significantly lower energy requirements, aligning with global sustainability goals.

Introducing The Wantware Marketplace

Launching in 2024, the Wantware Marketplace will revolutionize how software is utilized. Easily select, combine, and customize Aptivs to meet dynamic organizational or individual needs. Stay tuned for pre-release opportunities and explore how to contribute your own Aptivs to our growing ecosystem.

  • A Human-centered Approach
  • Zero Stack Development
  • Platform Agnostic
  • Futureproof Solutions
  • Quantum-ready Security
  • Unmatched Interoperability
  • Sustainability Built-in

Redefining Computing for Human Interactions with Machines

Aptivs redefine interaction between humans and machines, offering adaptability, simplicity, and performance at unprecedented levels:


Aptivs are designed to perform adaptive-actions and to process directive-actions when necessary. This gives unprecedented flexibility to organizations, communities, and users.


As revolutionary and complex as the technology is that makes Aptivs possible, human interactions are dynamically built to match where the user is. Simplicity is about your experience, done your way.


Aptivs self-tune for finding the optimal solutions that the operating environment supports, while remaining respondent to the needs of all stakeholders. This required us to create a solution that has control, empowerment, and trust built-in.


An unparalleled ability to produce high performance algorithms with less energy than is normally required makes Aptivs an essential contribution to more sustainable technology.

The Foundation Set of Aptivs:


Migrate. Modernize. Futureproof.


Certifying Wantware and Software


A New Networking Technology – Assemble Your Essence Mesh


A Major Leap in Cybersecurity


Protect Code & Data at Rest


Natural Language Dialog to Machine Instructions


Your Choices Become Machine Instructions


A Breakthrough in Big Data and Ledger Technology

Code Modernization:

The Chameleon Service enables organizations to lower maintenance and operating costs, while increasing software quality.


A Revolutionary New Service for Code Modernization

Infinite-quality Visuals:

The illumin8® (AKA i8) family of Aptivs mark a new era of infinite-quality and unprecedented control, empowerment, and trust in video and photo processing. Our patented approach applies to text and images, video, and 3D plus higher-dimensional data. The Aptivs in this set are only the beginning of exciting new ways to transform how data of any type is processed and shared.

illumin8® Basic

Revolutionary real-time video and photo enhancement

illumin8® Plus

Upgrade to Infinite-Quality – Everything in i8 Basic and More

i8 Reduce

When size matters…go beyond compression approaches

i8 Restore

For moments that should last forever…

Infinite-quality Streaming:

The WarpSpeed Aptiv leverages our i8 Aptivs and others (e.g. Synergy, Engage, StreamWeave, etc.) to provide quantum-ready security, infinite-quality, highly efficient bandwidth utilization, and unprecedented control of streaming experiences.


A Data Teleporter for Connecting Everyone

Object-Level Control:

The UnCloak Aptiv also leverages many Aptivs to provide granular control over streaming data of many types (e.g. text, images, video, audio, x-ray, MRI, LiDAR, etc.).


Powerful Levels-of-Detail Control for Objects-of-interest

Web3+ Browsers:

The Jewel Aptiv is a sensor that transforms the web into semantic units of meaning, instead of just network packets of data, and code. This lets us run and pull data from the Web or other machines, or emulators, display them in computer graphic scenes for VR/AR/XR, resampling, extracting, and easy automation. Far beyond the limited capabilities of template-based web page editors, Jewel uses arguably the most powerful tools humanity has ever created. Speak, type, gesture, drag-n-drop to express what you want. Watch as your ideas are transformed into Web behaviors in real-time.


The World’s First Web3+ Browser

Home Automation and Digital Twins:

The ability to control, monitor, visualize, and analyze devices at home and beyond becomes so much easier. No expensive switches or glitchy and expensive software required. Every device that runs WantWare seamlessly operate together, effectively becoming a single Essence Machine that is responsive to your expressed wants in your way of thinking.

i8 Home & Beyond

A lot more to jump up about…

Universal Language Support:

Engage is a revolutionary Aptiv for Wantware-Powered Universal Language Support that gives every culture a voice in the digital age. Wantware will enable Engage to support every written language (3,000+), and it becomes much easier to create written versions of the nearly 4,000 only spoken languages. Any Aptiv can be combined with the Engage Aptiv to acquire Universal Language Support.


Giving a Voice to Every Culture

Elevate Your Business with Wantware

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