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Go Beyond Software

Go Beyond Software

Supercell is an Aptiv, initially compatible with many popular Linux distros, which is key to providing a new class of wantware experiences across the cloud (from single to many servers, different cloud providers and platforms) and in on-premises environments.

  • Granular Controls
  • Self-optimization
  • Quantum-ready Security
  • Advanced Ledger Technology
  • Built-in Transparency & Explainability
  • Zero Stack Environment 
w/o WantWare

Solve Problems

in real-time with adaptive-actions or directive-actions for unprecedented flexibility

Sustainably Deploy

with granular control of task parallelization, scheduling, and processors

Reduce Code

to escape the code-driven paradigm and get risks/costs under control

Go Fully Agnostic

with solutions that work on multiple operating systems w/o modification

2020 Estimated Comparisons – Supercell vs Fugaku Supercomputer

Smaller size – Fugaku @396 racks/Supercell @95 racks

Less energy consumption per watt for more sustainable HPC

Less energy to operate – Fugaku @28.33 MW vs Supercell @3.4 MW

Wantware Machines in the Cloud

The Supercell Aptiv brings a powerful capability to efficiently operate cloud infrastructure. Combining other Aptivs with Supercell is as easy as connecting Lego Bricks. No complex technical process involved. Select additional Aptivs and they are instantly available for use.


  • Automatically tune, sync, and scale without virtualization software SAVE ENERGY AND MONEY
  • Automatically increase acceleration of all processors (CPU, GPU, etc.)
  • Real-time management of memory with zero fragmentation for faster data processing
  • Unprecedented control for scheduling jobs, processors, and clock speed, without coding

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