Why Supercell

Architected for increasing high performance, security, and control, while reducing energy consumption, complexity, and cost in the cloud.

Architected for Optimizing the Cloud

  • Granular Controls
  • Self-optimization
  • Quantum-ready Security
  • Advanced Ledger Technology
  • Built-in Transparency & Explainability
  • Zero Stack Environment 
w/o WantWare

Granular Controls

Enable control, empowerment, and trust in cloud computing by explicitly defining what is intended to and is authorized to happen. Unauthorized actions are actively prevented. Granular controls extend across software, platforms, infrastructure, and hardware using Aptivs that are present at every part of the architecture.

Self Optimization

Every Aptiv in the Supercell-enabled cloud automates the process of generating, tuning, syncing, and scaling highly parallelized machine instructions, in real-time. This approach significantly reduces energy consumption in the cloud whenever (real-time modifiable) energy efficiency is an expressed priority.  By deleting generated machine instructions after they are used, highly-secure and performance-optimized solutions are made that reflect changing environments, threats, and needs.

Advanced Ledger Technology

Supercell Aptiv and every Aptiv combined with it utilizes the Nebulo Aptiv (read more about Nebulo).

  • Nebulo is designed with the idea in mind that flexible/translatable structures can be used as a way to map many different ontologies/ideas to each other.
  • Nebulo allows massive worlds to be constructed with levels of detail control.
  • Granular details associated with data, Meaning Coordinates, and every aspect of experiences are allocated their own unique identifier (like a context-routed URL) that massively scales to 1038 without duplicating data.

Quantum-ready Security

Every Aptiv leverages the ability to automate the process of generating, tuning, syncing, and scaling highly parallelized machine instructions, in real-time. This includes the approach to security. By using multiple encryption algorithms that are woven into a dynamically changing construct, while accelerating network speed (see the StreamWeave and Umbra Aptivs), quantum-ready security in the cloud becomes a core component of the architecture.

Built-in Transparency & Explainability

Every Aptiv leverages Meaning Coordinates, a meaning representation system, designed with the goal in mind of accounting for the fullness of what computing can do. A comprehensive set of 256 Meaning Coordinates can be combined to map human meanings to machine behaviors. Meaning Coordinates provide the “why” behind every action taken by Aptivs.

Accounting for behaviors associated with concepts such as, anger, fear, like, dislike, belief, sad, happy, culture, and empathy is not a consideration that engineers have historically made on a broad system-wide basis. These and so many other aspects of real and imaginary worlds are easily represented, without the need for code. It is a human-centered approach, by design, from the start.

Zero Stack Environment 

Supercell takes the concept of a Multi Experience Development Platform to a new level. By providing a Zero Stack environment, a simplified architecture becomes available to users/developers wherever wantware is present. By deploying platform-specific WantVerses (e.g. for Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, WatchOS, Windows, etc.) the same Aptiv that runs anywhere in the cloud will run on any platform anywhere, without modification. The experience remains consistent across all supported platforms and is modifiable, if allowed.

No Hypervisor

significantly reduces cost and complexity

No Database

allows unprecedented adaptability, while lowering complexity and cost

Reduce Cost/Risks

by replacing code-driven software with intent-driven wantware

Increase Profits

by saving money and offering paradigm shifting differentiators

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