Powerful Apps Built Fast

Type. Gesture. Drag-n-drop.

Specify desired machine behaviors, not fixed code

Customize the User-Interface in realtime without writing code or using fixed code from libraries

Easily share and trade behaviors as natural language, not code

What is Maven?

Maven is a tool that is used by coders and users alike to create or modify the look, feel and behaviors of Essence based Aptivs. It is a revolutionary way to customize a running version of software.

What Problems Does Maven Solve?

The effort required to create user experiences is typically a balance between design and engineering. Maven is not the first tool created to simplify both the design and engineering processes. However, Maven empowers both developers and users to customize the user experience in powerful new ways.

The Value of Code is the Behaviors

Maven enables every element of the user interface to be created and modified on the fly without having to write the underlying code.


Depending on the source, between 60-80% of the cost of creating software is finding and fixing the bugs that coders create. The ability to reduce errors to single digit percentages represents enormous benefits to businesses, governments, institutions and individuals around the world.

Billions of dollars wasted

Reliability increases in software development is in the interest of humanity overall. The U.S. economy loses over $109 billion annually due to coding defects. The trends are not significantly improving, despite efforts to improve the methodologies and tools used by software developers.