Synergy® | The Personal Assistant.
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NLD Takes NLP to New Levels

As humans, we use dialogue as a means to clarify what we mean so that better understanding is reached in real-time. Synergy® is a Natural Language Dialogue (NLD) system that interfaces human users with the computing services of the Essence® Platform. Our ‘Synergy®‘ approach establishes the use/purpose of any term or group of terms via user-feedback while the NLP realm statistically (ML-pattern) guesses things like parts-of-speech, sentiment (like vs dislike), and lemmas (e.g. wanted or wanting stems from ‘want’).

We use the latest NLP approach (Google’s BERT) to augment the ‘first-guesses’ and starting layouts for our NLD approach. Synergy® enables rapid development of apps by adapting to the style of the user in ways that NLP alone cannot produce.

Natural Language Dialogue in Action

To simplify the complexities of humans interfacing with machines, we provide a dialogue-based feedback with the user that transforms all past dialogues and data into response, tasks, and new data, which are transformed in real-time back into natural language for the user.

Translating Units of Meaning

To address users being able to express queries, commands, and data editing, we translate meaning units into machine-level code.

Transforming User Intent

To address capturing user intent and discovery of features, we process natural languages as units, such as synonym/misspelling reductions, clause matching, and histories to transform user input into meaning units that are used to generate code.

Results in Real-time

Code is generated to produce every function, feature and design element of apps in real-time. Being able to see the results and all of the inputs, understanding of what is wanted, translations into meanings and code, changes the way computing works.