How Essence Takes Computing to the Next Level

Intent-driven Computing  for the Cloud and Beyond

Intent-driven Computing  for the Cloud and Beyond

Essence is a fresh look at how humans instruct machines. The focus of the innovative technologies involved is to enable the world to shift from a code-driven paradigm to an intent-driven that accommodates all the ways that humans express intent. Speak, type, gesture, and many other methods to describe real or imaginary worlds. They are all treated as input signals that Essence processes and maps to Meaning Coordinates, so that you can directly bypass programming languages to instruct machines to do what you want them to do. Thus, the term wantware is used to describe a new process, systems, and methods.

Wantware is not about making smarter machines. It’s about enabling people to do better.

Empowering 100% of Humanity


Why Bypassing Programming Languages Is Important

Programming languages serve as tools to address the challenge of humans providing instructions to machines that primarily understand binary code, represented by ones and zeros. It’s important to note that quantum computers, which operate differently, will be discussed in a future project.

Human languages play a fundamental role in how people, cultures, and societies convey the meaning of everything and every action. In contrast, programming languages were not historically designed for this purpose, as evidenced by the relatively small percentage of the population that comprehends these languages.

However, all functioning humans possess the ability to express meaning, whether through verbal or non-verbal means. Meaning Coordinates offer a way to translate this expressed meaning into machine behaviors without the necessity of programming languages. Wantware is purpose-built to dynamically map various forms of expressing intent to Meaning Coordinates, enabling the real-time generation of machine instructions.

Think of Meaning Coordinates as elements on the Periodic Table, commonly used in physics and other sciences. These elements can be combined to create intricate machine behaviors, similar to how chemical elements form compounds. Yet, achieving precision in arranging these elements demands machinery. The wantware process and methods facilitate the precise arrangement of Meaning Coordinates for instructing machines. It’s analogous to the transition from manual manufacturing to the use of precision machinery. With wantware, we can anticipate achieving superior outcomes.

Global Literacy

Human Languages

Less than 1%
Programming Languages

Meaning Representation

How Does Wantware Change Technology Development?

The ability to reduce the amount of code made from programming languages (either by coders or AI), is a new opportunity to return to the fundamentals of computing. This is the result of first principles thinking by MindAptiv’s Chief Science Officer/Co-founder, John J. Kolb V. It involved breaking down assumptions around instructing machines.

Here’s a sample from a video game that was created with wantware. The output:

  1. Binary code generated by converting Meaning Coordinates
  2. Hexadecimal code equivalents of Meaning Coordinates
  3. Meaning Coordinates matching expressed wants
  4. Matched Meaning Coordinates and Hexadecimal Code
Example: Game Play from Wantware - Page 1
Example: Game Play from Wantware - Page 2
Example: Game Play from Wantware - Page 3
Example: Game Play from Wantware - Page 4
Example: Game Play from WantWare - Page 1
Example: Game Play from WantWare - Page 2
Example: Game Play from WantWare - Page 3
Example: Game Play from WantWare - Page 4

Value Propositions Beyond Low-code Platforms

Low-code Application Platforms (LCAPs) are mostly either products that allow access to code written by programmers or AI/ML trained to mimic what coders do. Wantware enables solutions, such as the many products in our own roadmap, to be developed rapidly and to require far less maintenance than is required by the current software development process. The functionality needed to create an endless number of integrated and adaptive products already exists within the abilities of Essence


Software Evolved is Wantware

No matter what the code-based software solution is, elevate it with wantware.

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