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Cure for the Common Code

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Welcome! We’re excited that you’re interested in Elevate.

This guide offers step-by-step instructions to help you get started with Elevate, covering:

  • Creating and managing software and wantware with Elevate.
  • Sharing software and wantware with other Essence Machines.

What Problem Does Elevate Solve?

Software delivery remains a significant challenge across various industries. Despite extensive efforts to develop integration tools and standards, a comprehensive solution that adapts to our rapidly changing, interconnected world is still lacking. Elevate introduces a new approach for secure and trusted management and delivery of software and wantware.

What is Elevate?

Elevate is a wantverse that empowers developers to enhance software and wantware’s quality, interoperability, performance, sustainability, security, and trust. By turning source code and wantware into Aptivs, Elevate transforms fixed source code and dynamic wantware into interoperable and easily integrated solutions.

Who Uses Elevate?

Elevate is designed for individuals and organizations aiming to improve their software and wantware across various aspects, including quality, interoperability, security, trust, and usability.

Getting Started with Elevate:

  1. Install SecuriSync — Create trusted environments for certifying software and wantware. Download SecuriSync from MindAptiv or Partner Marketplaces.
  2. Install Elevate — Download and install Elevate from MindAptiv or Partner Marketplaces.
  3. Install the Supercell Aptiv — For deploying Essence in the Cloud, install the Supercell Aptiv to ensure optimal cloud performance and integration.
  4. Install the xSpot Aptiv — For a seamless experience across all other environments, install the xSpot Aptiv. This ensures that your developments are compatible and efficient, regardless of the deployment platform.

The Power Aptiv Packaging and Delivery Process:

  • Load Source Code — Utilize the Maven Aptiv to import your source code.
  • Map to Meaning Coordinates — Define the scope of what your source code is authorized to perform by mapping it to specific meaning coordinates.
  • Conduct Unit Tests — Subject your source code to comprehensive unit tests, ensuring only quality code progresses.
  • Compile Source Code — Leverage the compilers encapsulated in PowerAptivs designed for your specific source code.
  • Encryption and Compression — Apply a combination of encryption algorithms and compression techniques to secure and optimize your package.
  • Code-signing — Authenticate your binaries through code-signing, enhancing security and trust.
  • Source Verification — Use SecuriSync Aptiv to continuously validate the authenticity of the Power Aptiv’s creator.
  • Behavior Interpretation and Runtime Integration — Interpret and integrate new Aptivs at runtime, allowing dynamic adaptation and expansion of functionalities.

Key Features of Elevate:

  • Streamlines compliance, boosts efficiency, and encourages innovation in software development.
  • Opens up software development to a wider audience by simplifying complex processes.
  • Elevates software quality, interoperability, security, and trust through its comprehensive toolset.

Elevate promises significant benefits across various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and finance, by providing solutions for complex software development challenges. It represents a groundbreaking platform for developers seeking to navigate and excel in today’s digital landscape.

For detailed information on supported programming languages and operating systems, visit the Essence web page.