Why xSpot

Innovative Technology for Cumulative Computing in the Cloud

Cumulative Cloud Computing

  • Bandwidth Optimization
  • Multi-way Presence
  • HPC Optimization
  • Dynamic Resource Control (No VM)
  • User-level Control
  • Quantum-ready Security

Bandwidth Optimization

Streamline data transfer by regenerating visuals and other data locally at desired quality levels, even over low connections speeds.

Multi-way Presence

Collaborate, share, monitor, train, and more (on a massive scale) within xSpot unified machines, without virtualization.

HPC Optimization

Every Aptiv in the Supercell-enabled cloud automates the process of generating, tuning, syncing, and scaling highly parallelized machine instructions, in real-time. This approach significantly reduces energy consumption in the cloud whenever (real-time modifiable) energy efficiency is an expressed priority.  By deleting generated machine instructions after they are used, highly-secure and performance-optimized solutions are made that reflect changing environments, threats, and needs.

Dynamic Resource Control (no VM)

Save cost on allocating and managing infrastructure. xSpot dynamically senses and communicates (send and receive) messages/data/instructions directly to hardware (if allowed) resources.

User-level Control

Users can describe (if allowed) what their needs are and the interface is generated, in real-time. No need for complicated tech-heavy interfaces. Enterprise policies on what is allowed can also be simply described. No back end coding needed.

Quantum-ready Security

Every Aptiv leverages the ability to automate the process of generating, tuning, syncing, and scaling highly parallelized machine instructions, in real-time. This includes the approach to security. By using multiple encryption algorithms that are woven into a dynamically changing construct, while accelerating network speed (see the StreamWeave and Umbra Aptivs), quantum-ready security in the cloud becomes a core component of the architecture.

Software Evolved is WantWare

Our focus is on a solution that unlocks your ideas, without anyone (coders) or any thing (e.g. AI that generates code) creating more code. Automobiles, airplanes, and spaceships aren’t better horses. They are different modes of travel, and much more. Expect better outcomes because WantWare enables new modes of computing. Get ready to create at the speed of thought.

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