The Essence Platform Project

MindAptiv’s new generation of adaptive technology transforms how the world interacts with software.

Essence adapts to your ideas and the capabilities of your devices to deliver the highest quality user experiences. Essence generates adaptive code in real-time.

Introducing the Three Universal Technologies

A single download of Essence will transform Internet experiences for the world.

How so? Essence contains Three Universal Technologies: Essence Data Prism, illumin8 and Synergy. The combination of capabilities gives universal access, adaptive quality, and communication on entirely new levels. Our vision at MindAptiv is to enable the world to Create at the Speed of Thought. These three Universal Technologies, within our initial launch of Essence, are the foundation for making this dream a reality.

Latest Press: Futurist Speaker Thomas Frey
“MindAptiv will transform the business world more significantly than the invention of the computer itself.”


Universal Access


The Essence Data Prism takes the Internet to the next level. Sculpt your interface by simply assembling data and functionality from social media and other websites. Your web experiences are designed by you without coding or scripting. You will never use today’s ordinary browsers again.

The second Universal Technology, illumin8, is packaged with the Essence Data Prism and instantly transforms photos, videos and entire websites to HD, 4K and higher without pixelation. Enjoy the highest-quality streaming videos, amazing visual effects, and enhanced online, social media or gaming sites, even with slow Internet speeds.

The Synergy technology enables you to interact on the web in ways that are meaningful to you. Drag and drop, gesture and voice, plus virtual reality and augmented reality features give users more control than ever before. With Synergy, use natural language, instead of code or scripts, to describe what you want your web experience to be. Experience highly accelerated and adaptive code uniquely generated for you.

The new Internet begins here!


Universal Adaptive Quality


Everyone wants video – more of it, faster, and in higher definition, whether wireless or connected. Video demand is rising quickly, file sizes are larger and the Internet is struggling to keep pace. The result is slow buffering and low-quality image resolution which ruins the viewing experience. To eliminate this problem, MindAptiv created illumin8, the Second Universal Technology, and integrated it into the Essence Data Prism.

What does this mean? Even low-resolution video can be transformed into HD, 4K or higher quality in real-time, with no buffering and zero pixelation, regardless of the device.

Because the file sizes are significantly smaller, upload and download times are dramatically reduced so Internet connection speed is no longer critical. Files transformed by illumin8 require smaller amounts of storage space and use significantly less battery power on mobile devices.

illumin8 your photos, videos, games, websites and much more!


Universal Communication
and Interactivity


Synergy, our Third Universal Technology, is a major reason that Essence Data Prism is unlike any other browser.

Synergy seeks to understand user intent. By matching meaning with how the software functions a powerful, new search and interactive user experience emerges. Synergy is designed to be the bridge between what you want to happen and what the software actually does.

That’s right, Synergy instantly translates human languages to machine languages. So forget laborious programming, now you tell your software what to do.

Additionally, technology is only universal when it is also inclusive. Synergy leverages MindAptiv’s Elements™ to dynamically craft written character sets for every language in the world. Every dialect, style and symbol is important to the culture of origin and Synergy honors that heritage of knowledge. For the first time in human history, digital technology exists to enable every written language to be preserved and used on the Internet and beyond.

The Three Universal Technologies are MindAptiv’s way of giving back to humanity as a matter of priority. Here’s what comes next…


illumin8 Experience Suite:

i8 Photo | i8 Video | i8 Player | i8 Connect

MindAptiv’s revolutionary illumin8 Experience Suite simplifies creating interactive visual concepts. Even without complex or expensive design and editing tools, you can bring your creativity to life.

From the novice to the pro, take creations using tools from Adobe, Autodesk and others to entirely new levels. The illumin8 Experience Suite compliments your current creativity products like Premier, After Effects, Photoshop and Maya.

Imagine! Connect Webcams, gaming consoles and DVD or Blu-Ray players and the visual media is enhanced to the highest quality the display device supports. Hollywood-style special effects are instantly created and rendered in real-time. Send and receive interactive messages as well as media files faster and easier than ever.

The illumin8 Experience Suite provides powerful, new tools for faster, higher quality and uniquely innovative results.

on a new level

illumin8 user interface

How Much Data Does Netflix Use?

Video streaming services like Netflix and Youtube move around a lot of data. Learn how illumin8™ software offers a revolutionary solution.

how much data does netflix use

Real-Time Displacement Mapping

With illumin8 you can potentially emboss any type of imagery data into any 3D object and then layer on additional effects.

how much data does netflix use

Reduce File Size without Losing Quality

Instead of sending and storing megabytes, send and store kilobytes and experience even better quality than the original.