illumin8 is a revolutionary app that instantly turns low quality media into the highest quality and scales it to any size for print or display, while saving upload/download time, storage and reducing data usage. Easily combine media sources to create entirely new interactive experiences to share with the world. Get ready to Go Beyond the Pixels!

Videos | Photos | Video Games | Messaging | Visual Effects | Much More!

Available 1st Quarter 2015

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Latest Press: Futurist Speaker Thomas Frey,
will transform the business world more significantly than the invention of the computer itself.”

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reduce file size without losing quality

Reduce File Size without Losing Quality

Instead of sending and storing megabytes, send and store kilobytes and experience even better quality than the original.

moores law

Moore’s Law Has Ended, Now What?

mindaptiv takes a new approach to parallel processing that exceeds 1000x speedup on off the shelf computers.

how much data does netflix use

How Much Data Does Netflix Use?

Video streaming services like Netflix and Youtube move around a lot of data.  Learn how illumin8™ software offers a revolutionary solution.

Highest Quality, Everywhere


Digital and Analog

device connections

Instantly take your video games, movies, photos, streaming video, internet browsing, TV, media devices, desktop and mobile experiences to HD and UHD (4k) quality.

Digital or Print, Small or Large

Your Special Moment,
anywhere YOU want it

Scale to the size YOU
want without losing quality

any size

Gamers’ Dream

Retro, Next-Gen and everything in between,

Instantly enhanced to Full HD and Ultra HD

Get Your Game On!


The End of Pixelation™

You Know High Quality When You See It

illumin8™ continuously converts pixels to objects and enhances them to the highest quality of your device

Size Matters

Small files become the highest quality instantly

Get More Out of Your Device


Share More. Faster.

social sharing

Smaller Files

Faster Uploads and Downloads

Get More Out of Your Data Plan


About Us

Revolutionary Adaptive Software

mindaptiv™ develops revolutionary adaptive software products that will transform our world. We turn every device into Semantic Intelligence (SI) machines.  In other words, our technology takes patterns and turns them into objects with attributes and behaviors, within the context of time and space. For example, illumin8 technology takes all inputs; pictures, video, text, spoken language, and sensor data, which it then converts into a universal semantic language. Later we translate those semantic language definitions back into images, video, behaviors and language.

Clear Path Towards Universal Communication

When our SI and Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches are combined, our products translate one language into different languages and variations of those languages, say from English to the up to 13 different variations of Chinese.

Photos & Videos are Truly Amazing!

Instantly translate photos and standard definition (480p) video to semantic units, and on the other end, say a mobile phone, converts the meaning back into pixels, and you see them at High Definition (1080p). Take the same photos and standard definition videos and see them at 4 times HD (4K) on a big screen.

Unmatched Parallel Processing

Our software runs many unique parallel threads. Think of it as a bee hive. The flower bed is the image. Each of its flowers is a unique object in time and space. A swarm of bees flies to all the flowers at once. Each bee processes each unique flower. It’s pure parallelism. With this approach to Semantic Intelligence, video processing is 100 to 1000x more efficient on current devices.

Era of the Creatives

This begins an era of the power of human languages and our ability to describe (the way we speak to each other) what we want, becoming the only tool necessary to create outcomes with our devices.

The Beginning

In 2011, Jake Kolb and Ken Granville (our founders), set out on a highly ambitious mission. Simply put, their vision is to enable the world to Create at the speed of thought™.

Today, we are proud to introduce to the world the Essence™ Platform Project.

The Unique Journey

The Essence Platform Project. may one day be recognized as a massive achievement in human history. Apps created using Essence generate millions of lines of highly efficient and adaptive code on the fly with semantic meanings for entirely new capabilities (e.g. turning pixels into objects). This begins a new generation of revolutionary adaptive apps.

Strategic Partners

We are excited to engage potential strategic partners who are interested in working with us to change the world. We are engaging with several Fortune 100 companies who recognize the revolutionary benefits of Essence.

Responsive Natural Interaction

Speak, Gesture, Touch, or Drag-N-Drop and mindaptiv™ | Apps generate Code On Demand to meet your needs. When you experience apps that do things your way, then you will realize that this is how software should work. Get ready for everything to change.

A New Generation of Software

Today’s apps treat you the same as the other 7 billion people.  mindaptiv™ | Apps adapt in real time to you. This will change what we’ve all come to expect from software.  Speak, Gesture, Touch, or Drag-N-Drop and mindaptiv™ | Apps generate Code-On-Demand so apps do things your way.   Get ready for EVERYTHING to change.

Design, organize, educate, learn, entertain, collaborate, and discover with features that go far beyond current generation software.

The Key is Essence™

Our breakthrough platform, Essence™, is the software equivalent to the first-time man used machines to fly. We let your imagination fly! Got your attention?

Strategic and Community Partnering

We are excited to engage potential strategic partners who are interested in working with us to change the world. We are engaging with several Fortune 100 companies who recognize the revolutionary benefits of Essence™. We plan to make developer tools available so that together we can enable the world to ‘create at the speed of thought’.


Latest Press: Futurist Speaker Thomas Frey,
“mindaptiv will transform the business world more significantly than the invention of the computer itself.”

Computing’s Next Big Transformation – Semantic Intelligence

I had great difficulty completing this column. This is partly due to the complex nature of the technology and partly because its implications may indeed be so far reaching that I’ll sound over-reaching in describing it.

Several companies may find what I’m describing to be rather disturbing. It’ll be disturbing because this technology is on the verge of undermining most, if not all, of their product development plans.

For two nights this week I was immersed in understanding the foundational shifts about to occur inside the software development industry, and this work is all taking place inside a tiny company called mindaptiv located in the Denver Tech Center, a hub of startup activity in Colorado.

With a core team of true believers on staff that filled the presentation room, the company’s CEO, Ken Granville, and chief technology visionary, Jake Kolb, took our team from the DaVinci Institute through a series of demonstrations and discussions to grasp the potential of what they are on the verge of unleashing.

Working from inside his secluded geek lab in Boston, Jake started this journey in 2011 by asking the basic question, “What if software didn’t have to be written?”

As most developers know, scripting a thousand lines of new code can be a very painful process. So what if a computer could simply recognize objects and you could just tell this JARVIS-like machine what you wanted it to do with them?

Over the past three years, that’s exactly what Jake and Ken have been building, a kind of “Ironman Room” of spatially capable objects that can be directed both verbally and through gestures with symphony-like precision. Even though they’re only partially there, it’s the kind of technology that would make Tony Stark proud.

Rest assured, I only know a few of the tricks this duo has up their sleeves, but we’re all about to become part of something much bigger than some new gadget we can all carry around in our pockets. No, this one is a game changer on steroids, and here’s why.

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mindaptiv Selected as Member of Prestigious Dell Founders 50
September 16, 2014

mindaptiv, LLC announced today it has been named to the Dell Founders 50 Fall class, an exclusive list of companies that Dell has identified as high growth start-ups poised to become major disruptors in their specific industries. The Founders 50 is a two-year program designed to accelerate the growth of member companies, with focus areas including technology, sales enablement, networking and capital.

Members of the Dell Founders 50 receive personalized support from Dell team members including access to the latest technology solutions and expertise in the technology field.

mindaptiv will utilize the resources provided by Dell to apply its solutions to a wider range of technology markets beyond the inaugural launch of its revolutionary photo and video enhancement technology, illumin8, which is scheduled for release late 2014. mindaptiv develops revolutionary adaptive software products that will transform the world. We turn every device into Semantic Intelligence (SI) machines. Our technology takes patterns and turns them into objects with attributes and behaviors within the context of time and space. For example, our technology takes inputs including: pictures, video, text, spoken language, sensor data and converts them into a universal semantic language. We then translate those semantic language definitions back into images, videos and language.

The Dell Founders 50 focuses on companies that have been recently funded by a venture capital or angel firm; mindaptiv, LLC secured angel funding in the summer of 2014.

About Dell

Dell Inc. listens to customers and delivers innovative technology and services that give them the power to do more. As a visionary outcome of a true entrepreneur, Dell is committed to help power the success of entrepreneurs by developing technology solutions that help their businesses increase productivity and grow. For more information, visit Dell for Entrepreneurs at

About mindaptiv

mindaptiv, launched in 2011, is the developer of illumin8TM, which resides on the Essence platform illumin8 continuously converts pixels to objects and instantly enhances them to the highest quality of the device. This saves storage, bandwidth, battery power, upload and download times, while providing unmatched quality without pixelation. Essence is a breakthrough software platform that generates 100% parallel instructions for 1000x speed up and more.

For more information, visit the mindaptiv website at

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