While AI approaches focus on teaching machines how to independently perform tasks that are intuitive to humans, SI augments the creative potential and broad problem-solving skills of humans.


SI – A Computing System for Translating Meanings into Machine Behaviors

Essence® is the next generation of computer technology empowering anyone to more easily control what every class of computer device does. Essence® generates functional code on- the-fly that matches user intent.

illumin8® is the World’s First Adaptive App (Aptiv) Based on Patented Semiotic Intelligence (SI)

Powered by Essence®

Unifying AI Solutions

Essence® allows us to combine and remix existing AI algorithms (e.g. Tensorflow, Caffe, and many others) with our own generated auto-tuning, auto-scaling and auto-synching algorithms, all on the fly.
The result is a AI Superset (combination of many algorithms executed at the same time).
Essence® provides higher levels of parallel execution than any other solution to date.

The Essence® Effect

Above: Traditional methods for transforming media appearance require multiple passes on the data to achieve a multi-faceted transformation. An average task of applying blur, adjusting color banding, and performing edge detection all on a single source can require as many as 5 passes on the data.

Below: Essence® improves on these approaches by ”flattening” passes together, allowing the machine to accomplish multiple passes of work simultaneously due to high levels of code parallelism. The same task of blurring, edge manipulation can be accomplished by Essence® in a single pass.

Test results using a 2011 Mac Pro resulted in reduction in processing time from 32 minutes (serialized – using 1 thread) to 18.8 seconds (parallelized – using 96 threads) and 103X speedup.

Reducing Performance Bottlenecks

Essence® automatically finds the optimal code profile for maximum speedup without the need for a team of engineers conducting expensive code optimization.

Adding more processors does not provide the greatest improvement in performance. It is eliminating serial code and detecting other limiting factors (e.g. I/O bottlenecks) at runtime that makes the key difference.